Thailand Nightlife Roundup

Welcome to my website.  Unlike the universe, this website has a purpose: to offer rants, tirades, opinions and discussion about books on Thailand, give an overview of nightlife in Thailand and, yes, to provide a few news items which might not appear elsewhere.  And to have some fun.

Bar, club and restaurant owners who would like to send material on their special events, birthday bashes, anniversary parties, etc., are welcome to do so but please remember men in Thailand are a bit jaded so if you’re just going to offer the usual free gourmet food and free full band entertainment and free beautiful and eager-to-please women, well, the lads have been there, done that. So do try to offer potential patrons something special. ;-)

There is a contest every two weeks when this column appears and the first to answer the question correctly or identify a photograph correctly will receive vouchers worth at least 3,500 baht in food and drink, i.e., 500 baht each, from Larry's Dive, The Londoner, The Old Dutch, Electric Blue, The Big Mango, PJ's Steak & Rib Grill and Bourbon Street Cafe. The prizes will build up in case anyone doesn't win it immediately so the bonanza for the eventual winner could get quite interesting.  Second prize is one of my books or else a 500-baht book gift voucher from Dasa Books.

I will also add information to a column as I receive it or report on nightlife as I encounter it so check back now and again as there may be much new even within a week or ten days.  And please remember a part of all money received from the sale of my books goes to needy Thais (in the form of payment to go go dancers, waitresses and hostesses).


PJ's Steak & Ribs Grill on Sukhumvit 31 has joined us for yet another 500 baht voucher in food and drink bringing the first prize total to each column's contest up to 3,500 baht.  If there is no correct answer, the following column's prize is 7,000 baht in vouchers then 10,500 in vouchers, etc.  You must live in Bangkok or be about to visit in order to win. The restaurants and bars get advertising, winners get the vouchers for free food and drink.  I'm still trying to figure out what I get out of this.

OK, due to overwhelming response and insistent demands, here is one more picture of the Angelwitch Twins, Ae and Bee.  And when they get into the fast, sexy, Morlan music number, ain't they somethin' else?  Lordy, lordy!

For whatever reason, the dancers in sheba's on Soi Cowboy have been wearing stars over their nipples.  The other night a young farang woman and her young husband were there.  The woman took off her shirt, and the go go dancers applied stars to her nipples after which the woman jumped up on stage and joined the dancers.  The dancers enjoyed it as did the audience.  The woman was somewhat overweight but not too much and she had huge breasts which one of the dancers enjoyed kissing.  Incredibly, the thin, young farang guy turned to me and said they were on their honeymoon from Guam.  Talk about a honeymoon to remember!  Then I visited a few other bars and found that the dancers in a lot of bars had stars over their nipples.  I guess it's a minor crackdown thing.  Nevertheless, I am happy to report that the rules do not apply to the girls doing the shows.


I decided I was spending waaay too much time in Bangkok's go go bars, so I decided to give myself a test, to make sure I wasn't addicted, I mean.  And so I decided to go to Burriram for at least 2 1/2 days!  To see if I could handle cold turkey, appropriately enough, as I was there over thanksgiving.  Burriram, as you know, is where many of the most beautiful women in Bangkok come from.  My Canadian friend, Dave, former master scuba diver, invited me up to his farm to relax and to take some photographs of the scenery.  Somehow, when I got back to Bangkok, inserted the pictures into the computer, and looked through the shots in the computer, most of the shots turned out to be of his lovely wife, Fon, whom Dave was smart enough never to leave alone with me even when checking on the water buffalo in the barn. 

Dave is so much in love with Fon that he has come up with a remarkable idea.  When he dies he will be cremated and his ashes placed in a small stupa in the boundaries of the small local temple.  But to ensure that Fon visits him all the time, he is going to build an ATM machine into the stupa, and if Fon wants money from his pension every month she has to type in something like "I miss you too much, Dave!".  Now I ask you, is that not brilliant?

Dave gets up at 6 in the morning (I didn't know there was a six in the morning) and feeds fish and ducks, waters trees and plants, makes food for the ducks, gives water to his dozen or so water buffalo, lets ducks out to walk, makes food for the fish, joins his mother-in-law in laying out rice on fishnets in the yard to dry in the sun, loads trucks with bags of rice to sell, cleans his barn, takes the water buffalo into a nearby field to graze and does God knows how many other chores.  And that's just in the morning.  He has regular buffalo and larger, darker buffalo known to Thai farmers as "negro kwai."  A stud male might go for 23,000 baht and a female a bit less.  Some of the names Dave has given his buffalo are Caesar, Big Mama (now very pregnant), Mark Anthony, and named after singers and actresses: Cindy, Julie, Naomi, Jasmine, Shinia, Latifa Rose, Natalie, Bobo and Biddles and Meatloaf and hamburger, two cows.  His goal is to have two stud males and about 18 females.  Would you like to adopt a kwai?  Put your name to a virile stud?  Got a bit of cash?  Just write to me and I'll pass it on to Dave.  Farmers like Dave know when a kwai is about to have its baby because they pace a lot, act jittery even around people they know and keep their tails raised up off their genitalia.  Bet you didn't know that.  Stop Press: Big Mama just had a baby girl named Carmine!

The road near Dave's place is dusty with lots of holes.  Right at the end of November a tractor and two cars full of local officials were coming up the road to announce that they would soon fix the road.  Unfortunately, Dave was painting the new fence and so he went out and stood in the center of the road blocking the caravan.  Dave's Thai is limited at best and as it happened no one was around, so he simply gestured toward the fence and gestured to the tractor driver to lift his blade off the road so he wouldn't raise dust when he passed by and spoil the paint job which was wet and half finished.  It took a long time for the Thais to understand why this crazy farang was blocking the road and making crazy signals but at last the tractor driver got the message and lifted the blade and the officials all went "Aaahhhhhhhh!" and got Dave's meaning and smiled as they passed by.

It has been three and a half years since Dave and Fon were married and just over one year since Dave moved in permanently in the small amphur of Huarat, moo 7 to become a full time farmer.  Next column, I will have a lot of reportage and photographs on rice farming in Burriram but meanwhile do yourself a favor and click on the photograph of Fon, extreme left in the row of five above.  Have you ever seen a waist curved like that?  Is she not simply amazing?! 


Pattaya Go-go Update


The man or rather the legend known as Polecat in Pattaya has decided to contribute regularly to this column.  So be advised should you be planning a trip to that NeverNeverland by the Sea, you might wish to check the very latest nightlife news here first. 


There’s an exciting new trend in Pattaya towards cool, indoor ‘boutique’ bars, with lots of glass, big TV screens, a high-quality sound system and abundant beautiful women on hand including sexy coyote dancers.  But in a city where, for every open-air kiosk-bar that closes, 5 new ones spring up, can these stylish (and often pricier) bars compete?



I mentioned the bar/restaurant/hotel SECRETS (Soi 14, open till 2am) last month, recently refurbished and ideally situated for a cheap Chang and delicious burger or chicken tikka masala before hitting the Walking Street hot-spots – that’s if their toned dancers (barfine: 1000 baht; after midnight 600) and cute hostesses (400 baht) don’t detain you. Just round the corner, in Diamond Passage, is the playing-card themed CASINO CLUB, which has a small central boxing-ring stage showcasing 2-4 energetic coyote dancers who apparently can’t be barfined (though a figure of 1000 baht has been mentioned).  The music is pounding disco, the clientele mainly cool younger guys showing off their latest squeeze or watching the football. The club hosts occasional coyote contests, with wild dancers from Pattaya and the capital.  At the last one the runners-up were said to be “schoolgirls” from Bangkok – possibly a wishful translation of nakrian, which can also mean college students.  Drinks 95 baht, open till 4am.


Next door, right on Pratumnak Road, is BYBLOS, a chrome-and-mirrors drinks bar with solo dancers, attractive but 1000 baht to take out, and well-endowed hostesses at 500 baht.  If you’re feeling generous, factor in 150 baht for a ladydrink.  The bar is open till 5am so it’s a nice quiet place to chill after the gogos close at 3.



Opposite Mike Shopping Mall on Second Road there’s a shopping arcade with restaurants such as the excellent Big Horn Steakhouse; and at the end of the block is PAPAGAYO, with red-and-black-painted interior and window-walls on three sides overlooking the beer-bar complex on Soi Diana Inn.  A great sound-booth pumps out dance hits with flashing disco lighting, and coyote dancers entertain from 2 corner stages.  Lots of cute hostesses, some stunnas if you get there early, barfines 400 baht, but the pretty bespectacled mamasan is not for the offing.  Big TV screen, drinks 70 baht (except ladydrinks at 100 baht), open from 5pm to 4 am.



THE HONEY POT CLUB is a sleek new bar built on the site of the popular Tropical pool bar on Soi 2 (opposite Big C) next to Classroom agogo.  Stunning slender dancers in tight vests and hot-pants ripple compellingly on 3 platforms, and big TV-screen windows give a view of the raucous street-life and kiosk bars opposite.  But inside the air-conditioning is cool, the Burberry-clad service friendly, the cream-and-biscuit (or is that ‘honey’?) paintwork soothing, and the house-band terrific: starting off with dinner-jazz in Pat Metheney style, they modulate through bass-beat funk to rock classics you can headbang along to.  Soft drinks 65 baht, booze at 95 baht (ladydrink 100 baht), gorgeous girlies (barfine 600 baht), soul-soaring live music – take care, you may never want to leave.  Open 7pm-4am.



GULLIVER’S TRAVELER’S TAVERN (open all day till 2am), recently opened at the north end of Beach Road, has a cavernous Castle Frankenstein interior, with hi-tec accessories like internet stations and multiple TVs.  The bathrooms are a knockout: check out the huge mirror in the ladies!  Drinks and food are reasonably priced, and you can play pool or watch sports on a huge screen.  But, as a friend said who’s had many rewarding encounters at the Bangkok Gulliver’s, “there’s no bloody freelancers!” The manager says they’d be welcome, and he’s considering promotions to attract them.  Free cash-stuffed farangs to barbecue?



It must have seemed a witty name for a go-go bar; but the management of the new TRAMPS SHOWBAR over the Windmill Club in Diamond Passage may come to regret the shabby connotations.  You climb the stairs to arrive in a small black room lit mainly by UV. The USP is alternating go-go dancing and ‘erotic shows’.  Now I usually detest the tedious shows, and can’t wait for the pretty dancing girls to come back on.  But in this bar I was dying for the average bunch of 4-6 dancers, chatting among themselves, to get off and for the showgirls, a much better-looking lot, to come out of a back room, generally one at a time, and do their fey acts with bananas, oil, cigarettes, etc.  Drinks 110 baht (no draught beer), barfine 600 baht, but 1000 baht for the showgirls, who only offer short-time.  Da, a magnificently been-around-the-block Liz Hurley-lookalike, said she was bussed to Pattaya every evening after a shift on the Ratchada strip in Bangkok, returning when the bar closed at 2am.  It’s worth visiting once to try and catch her mesmerising act with 2 fat wax-dripping candles.  And tiny Faa, who likes you to get her tipsy so she can gift you her skinny naked body to play with.  If you’ve had a few drinks yourself, take great care when you leave – that staircase is very steep, and it’s a long way down!



I was in THE SEA agogo in Diamond Arcade the other night and was amazed to find that, at 2am, every single dancer was a looker, and every one badly wanted to be with me – at one point I had 3 on my lap, and I’d only bought one ladydrink.  I managed to get home, alone, and made grateful offerings at the shrine to those two great powers: draught Chang, which gave me the vision, and the rapid approach of closing time, which gave the girls such focus!


STOP PRESS! Pattaya branch of Bangkok’s famed (notorious!) EDEN CLUB scheduled to open on December 1st.


If you have any feedback on this column, or would like to share any information with the Polecat, email






One of the best ways to tell if bars are doing well is to see how many Rainbow 4 girls are sitting outside.  As you can see, and as some bar owners confirm, the slow season has been hanging on, not wanting to give way to the high season.  Of course, sometimes you run into a dancer whom you knew from another bar.  When you asked her why she switched, she will tell you there were no customers in the bar she left.  Truth out of the mouth of babes.  The slow season has been hanging on (despite what bar owners in Pattaya may tell you) but on the other hand a few bar owners in Bangkok have said that it was the best "slow" season for a few years so they are not crying in their beer.  Nevertheless, Rumor-Control Headquarters has it that quite a few bars in Nana Plaza are up for sale and not just two of the four Rainbows and Hogs Breath.  One of the biggest and most popular is also said to be up for sale due mainly to internal disputes. 


Readers of this column know I enjoy Thai nightlife and usually have quite positive things to say about it.  But, lately, especially at Nana Plaza, even after buying a girl a drink (A girl I didn't ask to come over), when I am about to leave, she asks for a tip.  Of course, I reply: "Buy low, sell high."  But when girls in bars do this, it means the mama-san or manager is not doing his or her job.  I tend to avoid bars in which the girls ask for tips and in the future I think I'll start naming them.



Oops, on a recent visit to Nana Plaza I noticed the "P" had dropped off the Playskool a go go bar rendering the name "Layskool".  Or is this just truth in advertising?  Speaking of Nana Plaza, Dave the Rave, based in Angelwitch, now has his own website at  His site has both interesting text and sexy photographs and a unique perspective on Thai nightlife.   


You may recall a while ago I paid a visit to Erotica bar in Nana Plaza, the one with the upstairs and downstairs which at one time had different owners so you couldn't take your drink up or down, etc.  Now it is one owner, John from Australia, I believe.  But then I learned that there were a few "cut men" working upstairs because John had had several Japanese customers ask if he had any.  Why anybody would want a guy without his Johnson I'm not sure but whatever floats your boat; whatever cools your tool.  I got a phonecall from a friend who said the place upstairs and downstairs now had only good-looking real women.  I am not the type to jump into a taxi and rush down to a go go bar just because somebody says there are good-looking women there.  But I did jump on the back of a motorcycle taxi.  Yep, the cut men are gone, and there are some cute young things upstairs and down.  So Erotica Bar is back on my list.

"I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play, bring a
 friend ... if you have one."
 - George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill

 "Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second ... if there is
 - Winston Churchill, in response to George Bernard Shaw


Thailand is full of sweet and attractive girls looking for a foreign husband.  The West is full of lonely men looking for such women.  Sometimes the two meet; sometimes they don't.  The lady above, Nung (because she was first born), is from Korat and works at the Madrid restaurant/pub on Patpong Road.  She gave me her e-mail and said she is looking for a man with a big heart and who is serious.  And she especially likes "40 up."  She has no children.  So, at the risk of playing Cupid, if you seriously would like to meet her, send me a note.  Of course, if you live in Thailand, you can meet her behind the bar at the Madrid.  And even if you don't click, the pizza is excellent.  Oh, the hell with it.  You can write to her directly:

Wednesday, November 29th, the Nana Plaza bars closed at 1:15 with the Golden Bar across the way holding out a bit longer.  The usual closing time now for Nana Plaza bars is at 2:00; so when something like this happens, the speculation is that the Metropolitan police are around so there is nothing the Lumpini police can do.  Fortunately, the Nana Hotel parking lot was not affected and it was still the usual amazing early morning scene it always is.

The paragraph below is from a local Bangkok newspaper.  I wonder what exactly caused General Prem to warn about women being used as tools??

"Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda has warned the members of the National Counter Corruption Commission (NCCC) about being tricked by money and women into betraying their integrity. Women were being used as a tool to lure some commissioners into negligence of duty when they came to considering the cases of some corrupt politicians or senior officials, Gen Prem said. 'Your work could easily be spoiled by those who dislike you. So please be mindful,'' Gen Prem said, delivering a speech to mark the seventh anniversary of the NCCC yesterday."


Who says Thailand doesn't have something for everyone?  Just a minute walk from the Infinity JC Massage Parlor is the Boyz Town for those of a different persuasion.  This particular massage parlor is next to the Montien Hotel near Patpong Road and many of the workers speak mandarin because they are Thai-Chinese whose families came from Taiwan.  A few interesting items of note:  There is one window with pretty massage girls at the usual rate of 1,900 baht and yet another window with supposedly even prettier massage parlor girls up to 3,500 baht.  As beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, you may find the ones for 1,900 baht are just as attractive.  And in the rooms it is possible to adjust the TV to watch the massage girls downstairs waiting for customers which, I suppose, is a bit more interesting than watching paint dry.  Unlike the Penthouse Hotel in Pattaya whose in-house TV's seldom actually show the in-house Kitten Klub action clearly, these cameras are spot-on.  The girl in the middle photo is from the massage parlor, not from Boyz Town.  But you knew that, right?

And this below from another local paper.  How can I become one of those who "studies teenage behaviour?"

"Amornvit Nakornthap, director of the Ramjitti Institute who studies teenage behaviour, said coyote girls faced five major risks. They could become alcoholics as many were asked by guests to drink with them, sexually harassed, lured into the flesh trade, face health hazards (as many work in smoking areas such as bars) and lose their future, she said."  Lose their what?


There is probably something to be said for today's Thai woman looking a lot better than those of days of yore.

 "I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here."
  - Stephen Bishop

There are two or three good programs for learning Thai involving computer discs or downloads.  I have been trying Rosetta Stone and enjoy it a lot.  Now I found another one: Speak Easy Thai.  As their blurb says, it provides a fun way to learn Thai vocabulary, the Thai alphabet, and Thai tones.  Although it does not teach conversation or grammar, it does include a complete 350-page grammar book in HTML format that can be read with your browser.  The dictionary contains more than 39,000 words and phrases, more than 5500 currently have pictures and sound files.  A Web Update program is included as there are frequent updates to the dictionary, pictures, sound files, and the software; these updates are free. The CD costs 800 baht (about 15 Euros or US$20) from Asia Books, or it can be ordered on the Internet at; in that case, the CD-ROM is mailed to you by airmail. 

The thing I like about this program are the scenarios such as inside the airport and outside the airport, inside a hospital or school, renting a car, inside and outside a train station, etc.  You just click on people and objects and hear the names in Thai.  Whatever program you use, set aside at least 20 minutes each day and work with it faithfully; I guarantee you will improve your Thai.  Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this or Rosetta Stone or any other language learning program.  I only wish these things had existed when I first arrived in Thailand.  But, then, when I first arrived in Thailand there were no cellphones, almost no landline phones, let alone computers.  Sigh.  Of course, another way of learning Thai is to live with or to marry a Thai woman.  But in many cases, it seems she learns a lot more English than you do Thai.  Been there, done that.  One of the mysteries of the East, I guess.  If anyone knows of other good Thai language programs let me know and I'll mention them.


I am sorry to say the nightlife sections and column of Stickman's site are down due to the harassment and unprovoked attack on Stickman by the nutcase Keith Summers.  After years of Stickman building up the column, it had to close because of this narcissistic idiot Summers who felt ignored by Stickman (think Fatal Attraction) so he tried to get Stickman in trouble with his teaching job.  Summers is just an example of the low class scum that infests the farang community in Thailand.  But, believe me, he may yet receive his just desserts.

By the way, these are the go go girls who posed near the tanks during the beginning of the coup.  Just curious because I don't recognize them from any bar.  Anybody know where they are from?  Based on the hand salutes I would say they are more British than American in style.  But they do have style!

Bangkok Post, November 23: "Kuala Lumpur...Some delegates at last week's meeting shocked Malaysia's non-Muslims with a call to sever the heads of non-believers and veiled talk of using a knife on the party's political opponents...Political leaders of the Malay majority have warned the nation's Chinese and Indian minorities to stop questioning Malay privileges... Hmmm, someone sent me this photograph.  Are they suggesting she was one of the delegates?  This is the full Burqa, I think.  As you can see only the eyes are visible.

Yes, the new James Bond film is worthy of all the raves.  It is darker, more realistic, more interesting, less full of gadgets.  Bond became a real human being.  The writer did an incredible job with dialogue and managed to carve a niche with Daniel Craig as Bond with one great line.  When Bond has lost at gambling the waiter approaches and asks if he wants his martini shaken or stirred.  Bond replies: "Do I look like I give a damn?"  Nice touch.  And the pictures of Italy's Lake Como, wow!  See it!

Don't forget His Majesty the King of Thailand has a birthday on the 5th of December.  He will become 80 years old, I believe.  May he have many, many more birthdays.

Local Bangkok paper: "'This land must be separated between Muslims and the non-believers. This land must be liberated and an Islamic system must be its foundation. This land is not the land of the Thais but the land of Fathoni Darulsalam,' the flyer said, using the Arabic name for the historically Malay Pattani region."  It always amazes me when people think we can simply "reach out" to Muslim fanatics.  On the same day the paper reported this it also reported that Muslims in southern Thailand shot a Buddhist teacher in his car; once the car crashed they poured gasoline over it and burned him alive.  There is only one way to "reach out" to people like that.  And, by the way, all the schools in Pattani have been closed.  Meanwhile, yet another top Iranian "religious" leader has called for a fatwa on a writer.  Click here for the article.

A bit of good news.  Even the often reprehensible publishing world took umbrage to publisher Harper Collins Judith Regan imprint trying to publish a book about murderer O.J. Simpson entitled, If I Did It.  Simpson's outline of how he might have committed the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, was scheduled for TV release and was to be accompanied by a two-part TV interview to air on Fox.  Regan, who publishes a lot of trash celebrity books tried to say it was for all women who had been molested as she (supposedly, possibly, apparently) had been (she now says in her defense) when she was young.  Unfortunately, Simpson got a lot of money in advance that he doesn't have to return and, as you may know, he lives in Florida because under Florida law he can't be sued out of his house and certain income.  As a good Buddhist, I have nothing unkind to say about Simpson except that I wish somebody would blow the lying, psychotic, mongoloid clusterfuck away.  And that goes double for the amoral ass-kissers who play golf with him.

Do you love noise?  Do you love blaring screens interrupting your thoughts?  Then you will love Bangkok's BTS AKA the Skytrain.  But now in the Bangkok Post business section is an article on the finances of the advertising agency which has the exclusive deal with the Skytrain.  And would you guess that there is a family connection?  Yep, it seems VGI Global Media was founded in 1999 about the time the Skytrain began and it has exclusive rights to both the advertising and retail space management.  And sure enough the son of the chairman of the Skytrain (who is also a major shareholder) is the owner of VGI.  Creditors of BTS say that VGI is long overdue on payment owed BTS and they allege a number of other things.  Now you know why all that noise is allowed.  Perhaps I should have called my novel Skytrain to Bankruptcy or perhaps Skytrain to Nepotism.

On those rare occasions when I sit in a go go bar.  OK, let me rephrase that: On those not-so-seldom occasions when I sit in a go go bar I often see men stick their heads inside the front door curtain, check out what is on stage, then turn around and leave.  Well, fair enough, if they don't have much time in LOS.  But the truth is that a bar which has their third rate team of overweight dancers up might transform in five minutes into a bar with beautiful dancers doing a sexy dance routine.  It always pays to enter and have a beer and spend at least 30 minutes there.  I relearned this lesson the other night in Soi Cowboy's 5-Star Bar.  I sat down to have a beer despite the fact that four out of the five dancers on stage were overweight and unattractive.  Ten minutes later, a new crew of cuties came out dressed in Hawaiian leis and micro-net skirts and not much else and then started table dancing.  OK, It wasn't up there with The Crazy Horse girls in Paris but it was fun.  Sometimes it pays to give the small bars a chance.  Hell, one of these days I might even get to like the Cactus Bar

Talk about a case dragging on for years: Thailand's Supreme Court just upheld the verdict of the appeal court regarding the filming of the controversial Hollywood movie The Beach.  The film was made seven years ago on Maya Beach, Phi Phi Leh Island, and the folks making the film had supposedly destroyed part of the environment.  The Supreme Court has asked the primary civil court to make damage assessments.  Why don't they make a movie out of Skytrain to Murder?  Most scenes are indoors in bars or set in houses of domination; not much environment there to damage.

And always remember:

***You're only as old as the girl you feel.***



Mail Bag

Hi Dean

I had sent this part of your latest column to some friends. One actually
knows T. Bubba Bechtol, and decided to check it for accuracy. The quote is
accurate, but he is a comedian, not a politician. Here are the e-mails.

Cheers, Rob Johnson

Here's what he says ...

-----Forwarded Message-----
From: "J. Terryl Bechtol, CSP"
Sent: Nov 15, 2006 1:19 PM
To: 'David Montgomery' Subject: RE: Bubba, Now You're an Urban Legend

I said it months my act, in Nashville, but don't know how it got
bastardized into Mid Land Texas, never been there...not a city councilman
either...but it is mine, and I meant it...brings the house down when I use
it in my show...T. Bubba Bechtol

-----Original Message-----
From: David Montgomery  Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 11:36 AM
 Urban Legend

Bubba --  Just received this from a friend... David

-----Forwarded Message-----
From: Rob Johnson Sent: Nov 15, 2006 9:05 AM
To: Subject: Forward a rumor

Not sure if this is a true story or not but it is making the rounds: T.
Bubba Bechtol, part time City Councilman from Midland, TX, was asked on an
A.M. local live radio talk show the other day, just what he thought of the
allegations of torture of the Iraqi prisoners.  His reply prompted his
ejection from the studio, but to thunderous applause from the audience.

"If hooking up an Iraqi prisoner's testicles to a car's battery cables
will save one American GI's life, then I have just two things to say": 
"Red is positive,  Black is negative".

This does go to show the power of the internet for spreading information, how it can get twisted, and how any false part of the information can get corrected very fast.  Remember the six degrees of separation, we all know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody, etc. 


Sweet Jesus on a cracker--another wonderful column and I just adore the pictures of the girls you post.  They always look happy and natural and happy and natural and happy.  It's not true what everyone says about you and I do the best I can one mean rumor at a time to stem the tide.  You're not a bad man; you're just drawn that way.  Dana

Thank you, Dana, I'm glad you like the pictures of entertainment providers.  I now have newfound confidence in my work.  With you on my side who can be against me? 


Dean,  I especially liked your video on Bangkok night life ..... 

You represented it honestly and accurately...Now would it not be a great idea to shoot more videos with maybe a bit more structured story board approach ... using your walking / on the spot reporting approach ....Heck ... one might even turn it into a business ... do a nice little video on a bar .... but cover it from a "fresh perspective" ... the music, the girls (make it personal), the owners, and so forth. 

And really like your "walk and tour" approach ...very relaxed and natural.  I come to Bangkok about every six months or so ... I simply LOVE it .... not just the girls, but the culture, the land, and the people.  Next time I come am going up North to visit some small villages...Anyway, back to the point...Good job on video...and truthful... very well done. 

v/r john b  honolulu, hawaii

Thanks, John.  I'll take all the praise I can get and thanks for letting me know the link; the director put it on youtube so I didn't know it was up there.  Another video someday maybe but not inside the bar.  Photographing inside go go bars is a good way to commit suicide: death by bouncer.


The beer gardens outside Central World have a set of rules on the wall
including: No under twenties, and worse; No school/student uniforms.  Charlie Grimley

Charlie, Thanks for the depressing news.  But by "no school/student uniforms" maybe it means students should show up naked?


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This week, be the first to answer this question and win 3,500 baht in food and drink vouchers, second prize is a 500-baht voucher at Dasa Books on Sukhumvit, third prize the usual diddly-squat.  

Last week's answer which only two people got correct:  The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyte.  Codename: The Jackal.  He missed his shot because De Gaulle ducked his head to kiss a French soldier on the cheek after pinning medals on him.  The Jackal, not being French, had overlooked that custom and missed his only chance to kill De Gaulle.  A fine movie, even better book.  In the book, the Jackal actually dresses up like a transvestite to keep the police laughing at him and not suspecting him, and they let him pass a checkpoint in his car.  Not in the movie.  As good as the film was, I'd like to see a modern remake of that.  Too much of the violence was off-screen such as when he killed the gay guy in the kitchen.   Isn't there a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) regulation that gay guys killed in kitchens always have to be seen getting killed on screen?

OK, I'm a writer so I like writer questions.  I'll try to ask questions the answers of which cannot be googled but that ain't easy.  This deceased American writer was a pulp fiction noir master.  Some of his novels were made into films.  There is a cult following of readers who know how good he is but he is not a household name.  Maybe his novels were just too depressing, too sad.   His novels were dark and I won't quote any passage but if you love cheesesteak you can most likely guess where he was from.  Yes, Virginia, there is a clue to one of his titles in this paragraph.  Good luck! 

That's all for this fortnightly column.  Drop by again.  Explore the rest of the website.  Meanwhile, as the girls used to tell me during the 1960's: "I no lie you, GI, I love you long time; you number one!"  And, remember: nothing says goodbye like a bullet.  And the more people I meet the more bullets I need.

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