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Welcome to my website.  Unlike the universe, this website has a purpose: to offer rants, tirades, opinions and discussion about books on Thailand, give an overview of nightlife in Thailand and, yes, to provide a few news items which might not appear elsewhere.  And to have some fun.

Bar, club and restaurant owners who would like to send material on their special events, birthday bashes, anniversary parties, etc., are welcome to do so but please remember men in Thailand are a bit jaded so if you’re just going to offer the usual free gourmet food and free full band entertainment and free beautiful and eager-to-please women, well, the lads have been there, done that. So do try to offer potential patrons something special. ;-)

There is a contest every two weeks when this column appears and the first to answer the question correctly or identify a photograph correctly will receive vouchers worth at least 3,000 baht in food and drink, i.e., 500 baht each, from Larry's Dive, The Old Dutch, Electric Blue, The Big Mango, PJ's Steak & Rib Grill, and Bourbon Street Cafe. The prizes will build up in case anyone doesn't win it immediately so the bonanza for the eventual winner could get quite interesting.  It will double to 6,000 and, if still no winner, to 9,000, etc.  Second prize is a "I Support Single Moms" T-shirt.  And please remember a part of all money received from the sale of my books goes to needy Thais (in the form of payment to go go dancers, waitresses and hostesses).



Please note: Recent surveys as well as a smattering of exhaustive bargirl interviews confirm that readers of this column have far greater sexual prowess than readers of Stickman, DavetheRave, BaronBonk and others. Be proud!




I have to tell you this story: A friend of mine often frequents a particular bar on Soi Cowboy.  He has at one time or another barfined many of the dancers and he is also a friend of the mama-san and of the owner.  We'll call him "Fred" and the girl in question "Noy."  Fred went to the bar one night and began complaining to the mama-san about how Noy wasn't so hot in  bed and wouldn't even let him go down on her.  The mama-san nodded sympathetically and clucked in empathy.  Then she got up to do what she always does with her microphone: tell the girls which numbers should now get up on stage for the next dance.  But...she then added that Fred was not so happy with Noy's performance in bed and gave details.  Fred of course wilted in the corner.  For about 10 seconds.  Because that was how long it took Noy to storm over, grab the mike, and scream out his shortcomings for all to hear, including the fact that halfway through doing the deed, he tried to take the condom off.  The moral of the story:  If a mama-san is near a microphone, do not say anything negative about any dancer, especially regarding their performance in bed.






Soi Cowboy: Is this a cute kid or what?  Never did figure out if it was a boy or girl, but I'd bet on female.




Here we have Soi Cowboy in all its glory.  I do love to hang around bar areas as day is turning to night and when the girls come out for their snacks before getting ready to dance.  Business is, according to bar owners, not too bad.  Business is, according to girls who work in those same bars, lousy.  But everywhere we go, during the low season, beautiful women complain about not having customers; so guess what?  Even you and I are now accepted as "hansum men."  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Our Place at the top of the soi has been well renovated and sure looks good.  Now all the owner needs to do is figure out a way to hire dancers as pretty as the neon.  I notice more and more bars on Soi Cowboy have lovely creatures outside smiling you in; but once inside the level of pulchritude takes a sudden plunge.  Still, no complaints; you could be living in an American suburb or its English counterpart.  As I do get requests from guys living in such places for Thailand nightlife pictures, I do try to oblige.


And here, on a busy, 2-for-1 drinks night, we have some of the Londoner Pub girls: Vodka, Heineken, Beefeater and Chang Light.  These succulent women just reminded me of something I meant to tell you.  The lichees that are being sold in the markets are from Chiang Mai and they are some of the best I have ever tasted!  I bought a bag of them from the fruit vendor in front of Villa Market, Sukhumvit, near soi 33/1.  Delicious!  Don't fail to try some.





I saw an ad in a magazine to the effect that the Napoleon Bar on Sukhumvit, soi 33, had table dancing.  That didn't sound like the Napoleon Bar I knew, so I had to check it out.  I have to confess I didn't see much of that in evidence.  There were some friendly, attractive ladies, however.  But a bill of 710 baht for four drinks (two ours, two theirs) is a bit much for a starving writer so I probably won't be going back there soon.  I do walk on that side of the street, however, because across from Napoleon is the Demonia Club where the doms sit outside and I like to stay out of range of their whips.  Above right: Some bald-headed guy, believed to be a Dane AKA The Mad Groper, came out of nowhere and hugged all the girls.  Rumor-Control Headquarters has it that he has finally made the permanent move to Bangkok and is often seen at the Londoner hustling the Chang Light girl.  And at left is Mot, one of the twins working in the Lookie Lookie Bar also on Soi 33.  Alas, her twin sister is not working on soi 33 anymore.  But half a loaf is better than none.


A friend of mine was walking in the early evening between Sukhumvit soi 20 and 22 when two policemen approached him and asked him where he was going.  For whatever reason, they were suspicious and searched him thoroughly, patting him down none too gently even in his crotch.  Twice in his crotch, he said.  They found some pills which to them were suspicious and one of the cops spoke into his radio to headquarters.  Although my friend did have a photo of his passport page he had to go back to the apartment to get the passport.  The police did not follow him in. (Duh. Look, Sarge, he got out the back door. How could I have known?)  Anyway, he came out and gave them the passport plus some boxes showing that the pills were not the amphetamines they suspected they were.  And he was allowed to go on his way.  But it does happen; always best to carry at least a small photo of your passport pages.




The Dominatrix Theory of Stock market Fluctuations


Some years ago in the United States there was a theory on stock market fluctuations.  This theory said that when women's skirts and dresses are short, that is, the hemline rises, the stock market falls.  And when fashion changes and longer dresses and skirts were in, the stock market rose.  Some people actually invested by this theory but I don't know if they won or lost, but, obviously they had fun studying the market, so to speak.


Here in Bangkok, I have my own theory.  You see, the dominatrixes of the Demonia Bar on Sukhumvit, soi 33, sometimes sit outside; and sometimes they don't.  What does this mean to investors?  A lot.  Because I noticed that following the days that they sit outside the Thai stock market fell; and when they didn't sit outside the market rose.  Why?  Because if they are outside, that means very little business, few customers.  And this is representative of elsewhere.  And if they are all inside, that means there are a lot of customers and business is good.  And the customers can afford the 900 baht entrance fee (which includes one drink), which lends support to the theory that business must also be good elsewhere as well.  Try it and see.  Pass by about 9 at night.  If they are outside, the next day's paper will show a market decline.  If inside, the market will rise.  Please send me ten per cent of your winnings.  (Hmmm.  With more thought on the matter, I realized sometimes the doms go inside not because business is good, but simply because it is raining.  So it is best not to include those days in your calculations.)


Patpong Road in the 1960's, early to mid.


Pattaya Beach and Pattaya Beach Road in the early to mid 60's.



Susie Bar on Phatipat Road in Saphankwai and Seriwongse Road looking at Patpong Road, early to mid 60's.



Old Bangkok (flat and beautiful) and Dino's on Sukhumvit Road: early 1960's


All photos courtesy of ODNAC Group 1963-64, Bangkok, Thailand




If someone kills you in Thailand

We all know Thailand is the Land of Smiles.  Most of us also know that it might also accurately be called the Land of Unsolved Murders.  Thousands of people were murdered or disappeared under Taksin and his so-called drug crackdown.  A monk was murdered at his temple two years ago and the murder is unsolved.  A prominent Muslim lawyer was murdered and nothing much has been done about it.  So if some Thai guy kills you, guess what?  He most likely will get away with it.  Or get maybe one or two years in jail.  That is what puzzles me about these soccer louts and others who love to brawl.  They could well end up in a coffin for picking an unnecessary fight with a cop's son, or something like that.  And have all eternity to gloat about the fact that they "won" the fight.  And wasn't there a case in Pattaya where a farang owner of a beer bar fired the cashier because she was embezzling money?  Of course, in her mind, her being fired was loss of face, an insult which needed to be rectified.  So she had somebody kill the guy.  Correct me if I am wrong about the details but there are a lot of similar cases of people literally getting away with murder.  And, about two weeks ago, the first Thai wife of a retired German policeman living in Pattaya was suspected over killing the guy for his property.  But, go ahead, if you must, pick a fight, start a brawl, piss people off.  Just remember your Uncle Dean warned you.


Jewish Olympic Swimmer

Khun Leigh's Corner

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Khun Leigh is a savvy local expat who keeps in shape by hitting most of the bars of Nana Plaza as often as possible.  From his vast experience, he will enlighten and entertain us with his recollections of the bar scene be they humorous, tragic or somewhere in between.

I really love Thailand.  Last week I saw an incredibly gorgeous lady on the skytrain, and as fate would have it, she got off at my stop.  I proceeded to follow her (as I had nowhere in particular that I had to be) and she walked into a candy store not far from the skytrain station.  It became obvious to me that she worked there, so I waited for her to resume work, and then chose some candy and went straight to the cash register that she was working at.  After the usual chatter in Thai language about where we are from, how long in Bangkok etc., I confessed to her (with some trepidation) that I had followed her from the skytrain station.  Now I must state right here and now that in the part of farangland that I come from the lady probably would have screamed bloody murder and reported me to the police as a stalker!  Well, this lady got all red in the face and told me that I had made her day and that was the nicest thing anyone had said to her in a long time!  Needless to say, phone numbers were exchanged and we plan on seeing a movie this weekend. 

On the other hand, here is a wakeup call story from farangland.  One of my best friends back in Antisepticville (yes-that’s what I call it) is quite successful and has been married 12 years to an equally successful lady.  They have an agreement where both parties deposit half of their salaries into a joint account in order to pay bills, and the other half is kept as their own money to spend as they please.  A pretty sound arrangement in my opinion.  He had been saving all year long in order to use his own money to buy her the car of her dreams for their anniversary.  He proceeded to pay over $60,000 U.S. for the car and gave it to her the night they celebrated their anniversary.  She was really surprised and happy as one can imagine.  Two weeks later, looking really glum, she told him “if you were REALLY sensitive to my needs, you would have realized that was not the color that I wanted the car to be.  But don’t worry, I can STILL DRIVE IT.”  The REALLY sad part is that after I told my friend I would dump her for such an arrogant and thankless attitude, his response was “I am lucky just to have ANY woman.” I really love Thailand. 

While on the subject of farangland, I was in MBK the other day and there was a group of University of Pennsylvania students in the internet café.  There were 18 gals and 20 boys.  I can honestly say that NOT ONE of the 18 gals was even the least bit attractive. Amazing.  Can you imagine 18 Thai university students all together in one place?  At least 5 would be off the charts beautiful and most of the remainder would be somewhat pleasant on the eyes. I really love Thailand. 

He lasted only 11 days! I still cannot believe it.  11 days!  Well, 4 years ago, while sitting at a beer bar in Bangkok and enjoying the sights and sounds around me, I met a really nice guy from Arizona, USA.  We exchanged email addresses, and several weeks later I received my first email from him.  He had returned to Arizona from his delightful first trip to Thailand and was wondering if I would give him some pointers on how to move to Thailand at a fairly young age (as I have) and all the particulars of such a life-changing move.  Over the next year and a half we exchanged countless emails, and I must say he was intelligent and thoughtful. He asked all the right questions, and always soaked up my bits of wisdom and came back with even more intelligent inquiries. He seemed to me to be a perfect candidate for moving to Thailand and living a happy and fruitful life.  This guy left no detail to chance.  He knew where he was going to live, exactly how much he would spend each month, where the money was going to come from, even had a list of restaurants he could eat at for under 50 baht.  The big day came and we met at Bus Stop on Sukumvit soi 4 on his first day as a genuine Bangkok expat.  He had a book 3 inches thick full of notes on every aspect of life here. This guy had a plan!  He was still relatively young (45) and had a very detailed plan on how he was going to retire young and stay in Paradise for the rest of his life.  Needless to say, many of our emails dealt with the nightlife and all the temptations of life in Thailand. I reminded him countless times that he would not be on holiday, would not be returning to a cushy overpaid position in farangland, and had to pace himself and act accordingly. 

Well, after we met the first night, I didn’t see or hear from him for another week.  Finally, I bumped into him at MBK and he had a young lady with him.  We talked for a while and agreed to meet for lunch the following day. The next day at lunch he proceeded to tell me that he had barfined her all 7 nights since the day his plane landed, and that he was “in love” and was going to take care of her as his girlfriend! Oh Nooooooo! I tried in vain to talk him out of this insanity, but he was not interested in hearing the voice of reason and went on his merry way.  Three days later I saw him at Bus Stop again, and he told me that he had drained his bank account and given nearly all of his money to his girlfriend to buy a 7-11 shop in her hometown. Funny thing is, after going to her hometown with her he found out that she had a Thai husband already and she told him straight away that now that she had all of his money, she really had no use for him anymore.  He was heartbroken as well as having spent 90 percent of his life savings on her. 

This guy was smart, detail-oriented and had saved enough money to live in Thailand for the rest of his life, and HE LASTED 11 DAYS!  I really love Thailand.  However, for people who can’t handle themselves around women, or have no discipline with money, this place just ain't for them! Everything is available 24 hours a day, and for some people the temptation to overindulge is just too great.  He knew this gal for a week.  It doesn’t matter what country you are in or how lovely the gal seems, when you’ve known someone for a week you are still TOTAL STRANGERS! I’ve noticed that the guys who get in the most trouble don’t possess what I call a “self protection mindset.” The money that I have saved up during my lifetime belongs to me and I would NEVER throw away my future happiness and welfare by loaning or giving my nest egg to anyone. I budget my money and if I see that I have spent a few thousand baht more than usual, I just stay in the next couple of days and catch up on my reading.

My friend still emails me from Arizona, but no matter how many times I tell him to stay away from Thailand because this place is just not for him, he is still planning to save money for 5 more years and come back and try again!



ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK by Chris Coles, courtesy



This is a very interesting letter which appeared recently in the Hong Kong Standard:

Women need to cast off symbols of repression

 Re: "Anti-Western bias, male supremacy instilled by Thai education system", Letter to the Nation newspaper, June 10.

Rebecca, I wasn't aware that women aren't allowed to dress as they please in Thailand. You choose to dress conservatively even though you would rather dress comfortably. I have to say that when you do this so as not to appear "promiscuous", you are adding to the problem of sexism and not helping women to achieve equality. I've never been arrested or issued a citation for cutting the sleeves off my thin cotton T-shirts. My shorts fall to the middle of my thighs and might just ride up a bit while I'm riding my scooter. I like the feel of air on my skin, sweat evaporates off it and it feels good!

I absolutely refuse to use bras; it is too hot to wear elastic straps and ridiculous under-wired teacup shells on my chest. Yes, I have breasts and nipples, I believe for nourishing infants! Too bad if some man might become aroused by this; his state of mind is not any concern of mine. It is a myth that men feel any more discomfort than women from unsatisfied sexual urges. May I suggest that children in school be taught that masturbation is a natural action and there is no shame in it. Any religion that forbids it obviously has only one objective, and that is to suppress women and subject them to violence induced by repression of natural sexual urges. The heads of religions - Christianity, Islam, Judaism, whatever - are absolutely petrified at the power women really have over men: sexual power.

So, Rebecca, just stop acquiescing to these old goats' demands. Your fear is all they have. I am an attractive woman, I am often told, yet no one has ever attacked me.  Why, I think a lot of men are actually quite afraid of me.  Besides, sexual violence is about power, not sex.  Please, all women, we are beautiful and we should flaunt it.  It is time to take back the world from testosterone-driven men and stop enabling patriarchal religious myths!  Throw away the veils, the bras and other devices of submission. In this climate, if the law allowed it, I'd walk around basically nude except for a G-string for hygienic reasons. I don't give a damn what anybody thinks.  Christy K Sweet  Phuket

A guy wrote in saying probably men didn't look at her but she wrote back saying she was a go go dancer who was able to retire early.  So of course I had to add my two baht worth:

Retirement contributions can take many forms

Re: "Dancing one's way to an early retirement", Letters, June 19:  "I must say I very much enjoyed reading the letter from Christy Sweet in Phuket.  She sounds like a free spirit and, judging from her letter, one who would be very good at writing erotica.  As she says she was a go-go dancer who made enough money to retire early; I was wondering where she had danced, as it might in fact be my money that allowed her to retire early. Dean Barrett


Actually, I said "her sexy letter" and the word "sexy" was cut by some anal-retentive puritan corksoaker at the Nation but never mind.  Christy's letter is interesting for lots of reasons: She is smart enough to know that religions were created by men and always discriminate against women (I would much prefer to worship a beautiful, sexy, leather-clad goddess than the horrible malevolent god of the Old Testament); she does seem to be a free spirit who is not afraid to wear sexy, revealing clothes; she is not afraid to publicize her views.  I might comment as follows: As for men being afraid of her, well, Christy, honey, I am too old for being afraid of women and also too lust-filled.  True, on my best day, you might have been too much of a woman for me, but wouldn't it be nice to find out?  As for it being a myth that men feel any more discomfort than women from unsatisfied sexual urges, if you are not a man, how would you know?  As for the use of "girl" here in Thailand a 30-year-old woman looks like more of a "girl" than a 25-year-old Western female, and as far as looks go the term accurate applies.  I don't agree with everything Christy had to say but, hey, any woman who writes a letter concerning sexual power, masturbation, G-string, bras, breasts and nipples is all right with me.  And as Zero Mostel said in the original version of The Producers, "If you got it, baby, flaunt it!"


"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening.  But this wasn't it."
  - Groucho Marx


I've been had!  One of the Beefeater girls at the Londoner bet me 100 baht that New Zealand would win in that grubby game of rugby against South Africa.  A friend of mine bet me 400 baht.  The score was something like 12 to 3 in favor of South Africa.  Not knowing that the scores in rugby are not like those in American football and not knowing that NZ is at the top and was expected to win.  I bet.  I lost.  Last time I bet on a sports event I know nothing about.  When the NZ All Blacks or whatever they are called did their dance to intimidate the opposition, the Londoner employees got a great laugh out of it.  They thought it was great.


Remember that there Thai Police Official who said he would clear the phony taxis and touts out of the new airport in 15 days!  Never happened, did it?  Now he will try to get them on tax charges in that they don't pay taxes on their earnings.  Apparently, he needs more help from the Airport Authority but it seems dark figures who rake in the profits don't want anyone to rock the boat or the plane.  I suppose it would be too much for any local journalist to do some research and tell us who those dark figures are.  TIT


I'm not quite sure what did it: a recent storm or an anti-virus program that had me remove too many items.  But, whatever it was, I could no longer open Internet Explorer.  The e-mail program worked fine but I couldn't open IE.  A friend said I could use Mazilla Firefox as it was a free download and some say better than IE.  But how to download it if I couldn't get onto the internet to being with?  Ah!  Another friend said simply double click on My Computer, go into the C drive and type any web address into the space.  And, guess what?  It worked!  I was on the internet, went to Firefox, downloaded it, and am now on it.  IE is now in the rubbish bin.  Bye bye, Bill Gates!


I seldom go to McDonalds but last Sunday I ended up at one to get out of the heat and peruse a new book purchase: The God Delusion.  That's when I learned anew that children should be seen and not heard.  There must be a special place in Hades for mommies and daddies who don't know enough to rein their screaming, running all about, kids in.  Going to McDonalds on a Sunday is not a great idea except for true masochists.  Another problem: I am a mustard freak and a saltaholic.  And guess what is not out anywhere?  Both.  Just the hot sauce.  So they will give you one lousy tiny salt packet if you ask.  And one shallow, tiny tray of mustard if you ask.  Next time I will bring my own.




"When you stay too long in the same place, things and people go to pot on you, they rot and start stinking for your special benefit." - Journey to the end of the night, Louis- Ferdinand Celine


When I was a much younger man, say around 1972, I was living in Hong Kong and edited a magazine called Grunt, "The humor magazine for Americans in uniform - whether they like it or not."  I really enjoyed doing it but because I was on the editorial staff of the respected and respectable Orientations magazine, I used a pseudonym when editing Grunt.  I chose Raymond White.  Why?  Because I was a Chinese linguist and my Chinese transliterated name for Barrett was Bai Rui De ("White thundering virtue" - talk about a misnomer!).  Bai is actually a Chinese surname and it means 'white.'  Rui De I turned into Raymond Douglas.  It was a magazine mainly satirizing the Army brass but it served as a vehicle for the German publisher who was selling hi-fi sets and cameras.  I worked with a lot of army grunts in Nam who sent in illustrations, thoughts, complaints and stories.  Some of what they had to say was quite moving.  There I was in British Hong Kong with a very clear understanding of what it was like to be a grunt in Nam.  Some of the illustrations were quite good and I suspect some of the illustrators went on to fame and fortune.  In about 1973, when Americans were pulling out of Nam, the German guy's profits dropped, so he closed the magazine.  But it was fun while it lasted!


I went to the FCCT when I learned that the minister of Technology, he who banned Youtube, would be there.  As angry as I was that Youtube had been banned, there had been a few developments just before he spoke at the Foreign Correspondents Club.  He had said that Youtube was about to be unbanned and that he did not want to have the power any longer to ban sites and was proposing that it should take a court order.  So the wind was taken out of my sails but not in some young Thais who created a very spirited question and answer session.  Some I thought were rude enough to him that I started feeling sympathy with this Chinese academic engineer turned interim minister, especially when some young chick named Kitti from BK Magazine went on and on in a rude manner.  So I feel a lot better toward this guy now and in fact wish he had the power to ban one of my books so it could then go on to become a best seller.  In the picture at right, that is him at the right.




Do not forget the Madrid Bar's July 4th celebration on Patpong.  Free food begins at 6:30.  The Madrid began in 1969 and Dang and her bar are still going strong.



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So enter and win 3,000 baht in food and drink vouchers, second prize is a "I Support Single Moms" T-shirt, courtesy of Peter, PJ and Jason, third prize the usual Nada diddly-squat.    There were very few guesses as to last week's picture of a building in Bangkok; which surprised me as I thought it would be so easy that I didn't even give a clue.  It is the new building at Bumrungrad Hospital off of Sukhumvit, Soi 3.  Don't you guys ever get the clap?  Don't you ever spend afternoons chasing after nurses?  Sometimes I wonder about readers of this column.  this column's prize is worth 3,000 baht in food and drink vouchers.  Just be the first to tell me where the picture at right was taken.  In Bangkok.


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More news on "The Religion of Peace"

Alan Johnston banner

Abducted in Gaza and still being held hostage by Muslim terrorists for 111 days

The latest video shows him wrapped in an explosive belt which his captors say they may detonate




(BBC does not even permit the word "terrorist" in the Middle East context perhaps now they will change their mind?  Can you imagine the outrage if an Israeli group had kidnapped Alan and had him make a pro-Zionist video and strapped explosives around him and threatened to explode them if any rescue attempt was made?  Why the double standard?)


Multiculturalism in Denmark: A Muslim kills his sister for marrying the wrong man.



Click on the picture to see what passes for a religious ritual in Iran.  Yep, that's blood.


The men you see being herded were Fatah followers in Gaza.  Hamas soldiers shot them dead in front of their families. 



This is an absolutely wonderful, short video of a brave Arab woman telling off Muslim clerics.  I only wish Western leftist assholes who make excuses for Islam would watch it:  IslamicWoman.htm


Muslims are perhaps the greatest hypocrites in the world.  They tried to kill Salman Rushdie because they didn't like what he wrote.  Now they are upset because he is knighted.  Poor little crybabies.  Speaking of which, we all know Muslim countries do not give equal rights to their non-Muslim minorities.  In fact, very recently, in Malaysia, a woman was not allowed to convert from Islam to Christianity.  So much for freedom of religion.  But the amazing thing is, just after that, hundreds of Malays demonstrated before the Thai embassy in Kuala Lumpur demanding equal rights for Muslims in southern Thailand.  Islamic hypocrisy (and whining) knows no bounds.  And once again believers in the "religion of peace" just tried to plant car bombs in central London and tried to ignite Glasgow Airport.




"I studied the Quran a great deal.  I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad." Alexis de Tocqueville


Believers in the "religion of peace" still want to kill Salmon Rushdie


Peace Activists, UN Workers Killed by Hamas


"During the final hours of Hamas' military conquest of the Gaza Strip last Thursday, two peace activists and a pair of UN aid workers were gunned down by members of the terror group. The first incident occurred when some 1,000 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators marched in Gaza City demanding that Hamas end its murderous rampage, reported Ha'aretz. As the protesters approached a Hamas position, militants opened fire, killing two people and sending the rest scattering in fear. Shortly after, two employees of the UN refugee relief agency operating in Gaza were shot dead by Hamas gumen, prompting the world body to suspend its aid work in the blood-soaked coastal strip. Neither slaying of innocent, unarmed civilians by Gaza's new Islamic overlords was deemed headline news by the mainstream international press. Commentators noted that had the victims been killed by Israeli soldiers, their deaths would have been front page news for days, as well as triggering a special session of every relevant UN council."