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Bar, club and restaurant owners who would like to send material on their special events, birthday bashes, anniversary parties, etc., are welcome to do so but please remember men in Thailand are a bit jaded so if you’re just going to offer the usual free gourmet food and free full band entertainment and free beautiful and eager-to-please women, well, the lads have been there, done that. So do try to offer potential patrons something special. ;-)

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So I was in a hurry to catch my flight to the States and I found myself hastily exiting an establishment in lower Sukhumvit when the sidewalk was blocked by a malodorous, mid-sized elephant with beady eyes and ears in the shape of Thailand and which apparently thought he had the God-given right-of-way on the sidewalk and that I would gladly buy him some overpriced bananas to make him step aside so I thought well screw you Dumbo I got a plane to catch and I don't do blackmail especially not on lower Sukhumvit and you can't go much lower than Sukhumvit if you see what I mean so I grabbed the arrogant son of a bitch by his thick, grey smarmy snout and spun the fat bastard around and around and the pathetic pachyderm started squealing and shrieking like a Tequila-fed hooker taking it where the sun don't shine but too late fat boy you shouldnda pissed me off and when I let him go he sailed off down soi 7/1 and smashed into Eden Club and the club’s front wall collapsed and beds came crashing down and the mostly naked girls came screaming out one of which I heard later got fatally pierced along with her client when Dumbo landed on the dildo she had just strapped on and people were running and shouting and screaming in different languages and a vendor's cart with hairy red rambutans and pollution-caked green mangos got smashed along with the vendor and the mahout was coming at me waving a mean-looking serrated knife and screaming and I thought fuck this scene so I jumped into a taxi and headed for my plane where all was well or at least the drugs were starting their long erratic hike back down the hill when the sweet, smiling Thai stewardess in a Viagra-blue pasin with Cialis-yellow stripes came over and asked if I wanted coffee or tea and I had just said coffee when we heard another stewardess shout hysterically to a guy (who resembled Dave the Rave) about to enter a bathroom, "Hey!  You aren't business class!" and then both stewardesses and some stewards surrounded the guy and beat the living shit out of him and then dragged his body off toward economy class and the stewardess came back with my coffee and a big Thai smile and just a smudge or two of the guy’s blood on her pasin and asked if I would like sugar and milk and I said I'm glad to see some airlines enforce their regulations about bathrooms and she said she really liked guys with wrinkles and receding hairlines and could she sit next to me and I said sure and she reached down and threw a middle-aged Chinese chick out of the next seat and sat next to me and placed her hand on my lap and immediately John-among-the-maids AKA Bamboo Johnny sprang to life and I asked her if it would be all right to undress her and she said sure and I reached over but then the drugs started kicking in again and I thought shit fuck this scene so when the Chinese chick smacked the stewardess into oblivion with the fire extinguisher the sound woke me up and I found that one more Soi Cowboy chick had put a wet towel on my bathroom door rack which can only hold very little weight no more than panties and a bra never never a wet towel never so the rack had hit the floor with a bang so I will have to find somebody to write in Thai for me Bras & Panties Only and put the sign up over the sink just below the ant-infested elk head with the glassy black eyes and the Winchester round in the forehead because I am tired of this shit and I need some shuteye but while she was taking her shower and singing which sounded like a water buffalo in heat my cellphone rang and it was a guy I know, an English film director making a Thai movie and he wants me to jump in a taxi and head out past the old airport right away to be an extra in his movie and it won’t take long he says because I get pistol-whipped and shot dead by a bank robber in the first minute of the film and he doesn’t have a budget to pay extras but he’ll put in a good word for me with number 51 at Sheba’s the one with legs longer than the legs of the Giant Swing at Wat Suthat and when they finish shooting I can have the pistol if I want but then my battery went dead and I thought fuck that shit and now the drugs are winding their merry way out of my system and a Xanax or three will fix me up in no time and I will never never again do uppers and downers and black Russians to fight off jetlag nope never but I can’t sleep because the guy next door is playing Beethoven’s 5th too loud or maybe it’s the 7th or maybe it’s the theme from Exodus but whatever the fuck it is it’s too fucking loud so I go next door to ask the fucker to turn down the music, trying to remember the Thai words for that, trying so hard I forgot I wasn’t wearing anything except my Jatakham amulet so when his wife opens the door she screams like I was a rapist or some such shit and the guy chases me all the way back into my apartment but trips on my welcome mat and knocks himself out when his head smashes against the wall on the way down and his two fat little kids are crying hysterically and his wife is screaming at me in some kind of northeast dialect comprehensible only to people living in remote villages along the Thai-Laotian border and the guy is still out cold and turning a kind of color like the patina on old Buddhas and the chick in the shower runs out wearing nothing but a fraying green towel which I thought looked really neat contrasting as it did with her brothel-brown skin and the towel slipped beneath her breasts and her nipples projected boldly skyward at about the same angle of elevation as the gun emplacements the Vietnamese had on the hills above Dien Bien Phu when they surrounded the French but I thought fuck this scene that’s it I’m off uppers and downers and Wild Turkey on the rocks and black Russians forever and ever but then….


Where was I?  Oh, yeah, so from what I can see and from what I've heard from bar owners the overall view is quite good for a lot of the bars during off season.  On Fridays and Saturdays at least.  Several bars on Soi Cowboy were packed and others were well over half full of customers.  Unfortunately for local punters more and more of the bars are packed with free-spending Japanese guys thereby raising prices for one and all but what can you do?  Somebody's got to pay for all those water buffalo struck by lightning; better them than me.  On a recent Friday, it was very difficult to find a seat in the Long Gun despite how uncomfortable the seats are for those of us with long legs.  Suzie Wong has some good looking ladies and was also quite full.  The Cactus Bar, well, not so full, in fact, close to empty, but it was early and I must give them this: there was not an overweight dancer in the place while I was there nor were any of the girls overburdened with apparel.

Things are not quite so great for bar owners on Walking Street in Pattaya, however, as there are - wait for it - no fewer than 17 bars for sale.  Yes, folks, as with Korean delis and Starbucks and 7/11's sooner or later too much of a good thing is too much period. It does seem that the bar scene has entered a kind of Twilight Zone or maybe just a period of waiting to see which way the wind blows.  Sometimes the police arrive and shut bars at one in the morning; other times two o'clock is fine.  TIT

I was in Sheba's the other night and it was packed and the girls were fortunately not overburdened with clothes.  Khun Duang is dearly missed from the special show but she left, apparently to be somebody's true love, who knows?  But there were lots and lots of ladies.  Why?  Because the owner of Sheba's also owns the Apache Bar and while the Apache Bar is under renovation the girls from Apache have moved to Sheba's.  Now you know.  And I must not forget to thank Peter the owner who also owns the Olde Dutch for having the pay for view fight for free on Sunday morning of Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Meaweather won by a split decision.  In my opinion, it was a great fight and a draw, or at best De La Hoya should have won for being the more aggressive.  It was such an interesting fight with few clinches, no long clinches at all, superwelterweight, and De La Hoya lived up to reputation of hand speed but Mayweather lived up to his reputation for slipping and evading like none other.  De La Hoya just needed a better jab.  Great fight.


Here it is: the new the colorful Spanky's!  Anyway, the neon signs outside and lighting inside look great.  And the girl in the picture, Wan, is indeed very sweet.  But unlike some of the other bars the night I was at Nana, it wasn't even half full.  Maybe prettier dancers would do it.  Not sure.  Same owner I believe has transformed the neon of Our Place bar on Soi Cowboy.  He sure does spend on the neon.  But there are similarities in all five of his bars: Great looking neon, so so looking women.  Hint to owner: Cruise over to Doll House or Shark Bar and steal some of their cuties.  Your business might pick up.

A friend back from Manila speaks of a very active nightlife scene with beautiful women but with barfine prices, etc., much higher than those of Bangkok.  Anyone else can confirm this?

The Quiet American being shown in Hanoi at a film festival.  I have to shake my head and have a cup of coffee over that one.  I hope I live long enough to see my books distributed in Vietnam esp. I'd like to know how the Vietnamese enjoy The Go Go Dancer who Stole My Viagra & other Poetic Tragedies of Thailand.  Maybe they'll make a film out of it themselves.  Animated?  How about a book The Former Viet Cong who Stole My Viagra & other Poetic Tragedies of Vietnam?  As the world turns, the mind boggles.

A chick behind the bar of The Texas Lone Staar Saloon had a T-shirt that said: "Don't start with me; you can't win."  She was right; I couldn't.  And, jumping a topic, have you noticed that much of the sidewalk along Sukhumvit has been torn up and piled up.  Does this mean some improvements are coming or did they simply decide to ship the stones somewhere else?  Or is somebody stealing the sidewalk?  At least we Americans would have signs everywhere saying something like: "Sorry for the inconvenience" (although we are never really sorry) "We're building a better tomorrow" (blah, yuck!).

Isn't is nice that Thailand has in some respects come of age?  I mean even in the Bangkok Post there are ads for fetish clubs and "the fetish experience."  And the doms often sit outside at night just like housewives taking a break after doing the dishes.  Yep, this country has changed since when I first arrived; when I first arrived I was the tallest structure in Bangkok.  And speaking of "sadeet" I performed the first genuine masochistic act in my life the other day: I sat through the dreary and loooong Spiderman 3.  My excuse is that I had jetlag and needed to stay awake in the afternoon so I could sleep at night.  So I figured that would be a good way.  Hanuman in the Nation gave the film a glowing review.  Maybe Hanuman is five years old?  And, by the way, did you see the new film of the King's anthem to which we stand before the movie?  It has Muslims and a mosque as well as Buddhists.  Nothing wrong with that but it is a sign of the times, is it not?

We live in parlous times.  God, did I say "parlous"?  Yes, I did.  I must be reading the New York Times again.  Sometimes I come upon a word which I just have to have, you know like when you walk into a go go bar and see the girl of your dreams up on stage and you just know you gotta barfine her?  Same same with words.  Certain words turn me on the same way.  I mean let your Thai main squeeze say the word "parlous" in your ear three times and see if that doesn't get you parlously close to an erection.  I wonder if I am the only one who regards the Merriam-Webster site as a porn site?  I guess it's true: writers are weird.

True story: A friend of mine, fluent in Thai, went with his girlfriend back to her upcountry Issarn town to meet her folks.  There was a carnival nearby and a ferris wheel and the girl's sister asked if Jack (not his real name) would take her for a ride.  So the two of them took the ride together and while on it the girl turned to Jack and said, "Do you like my sister?"  Jack said, "Sure."  The girl said, "Do you love my sister?"  And Jack said, "um, sure."  The girl said "Do you plan to marry my sister?"  And Jack said, "Um, uh, that's a real possibility."  And the girl said, "I think you should give some serious thought to your intentions toward my sister."  Jack assured her he would.  The girl asking the questions was seven years old.  Whew, they do learn fast, don't they?


Khun Leigh's Corner

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Khun Leigh is a savvy local expat who keeps in shape by hitting most of the bars of Nana Plaza as often as possible.  From his vast experience, he will enlighten and entertain us with his recollections of the bar scene be they humorous, tragic or somewhere in between.

                                                                                    Those Generous Sponsors 

            A very common topic of conversation among local guys is the strange phenomenon of men who don’t live in Thailand full time but who send money every month to an entertainment provider. We refer to these guys as “sponsors” or “providers” but generally the girls just call them “farangs.”  Well, there are some less flattering terms we use for these guys but, heck, this is my first column and I am trying to be nice!

            Last week I was chatting with a lovely young lass I have known for a year or so who works in a Bangkok Beer Bar. She was quite depressed as her best friend had just left the bar, and if there is one thing that keeps these girls going it's having a close friend in the workplace to pass the time with. As it turns out, her friend has quit working at the bar because she has a sponsor from England who is sending her money every month. This girl is actually quite lovely and has a pretty nice Thai boyfriend as well. He is a decent sort and the 4 of us have gone bowling a number of times. The English sponsor comes to Thailand 2 or 3 times a year for a couple weeks at a clip, so she will be free 90% of the time.

          What I found most interesting was that  most of the “sponsors” I have met actually think that by sending money to the girl every month they are literally putting her up on  a shelf away from other men. However in this case, as in many cases, the exact opposite is true. She now doesn’t need to worry about money so she has quit the bar. Her Thai boyfriend also has quit his job as a construction worker as there is plenty of money for both of them. She now doesn’t have to work, gets to live full time with the love of her life, and  spends a few weeks a year traveling to Phuket and Ko Samui with her sponsor. A perfect life by any gal’s standards. My friend in the bar tells me this a a very common scenario for these types of cases. When I commented to her that she has a perfect life with no worries, she said that she still has one real worry. She worries about what her boyfriend will be doing (and WHO he will be doing it with) during the time she spends with her sponsor.

            So to all you sponsors and providers out there, you really are doing a great service.! The gal doesn’t have to work, the Thai boyfriend gets to quit his job too, and the lovers get to spend their days and nights living a life of leisure.  Please keep the money coming and don’t forget that Dean and I are not above accepting donations ourselves. I guarantee we would use the money on the necessities of life!


OK, so now in addition to warning people beforehand as to how much violence or profanity or sex a movie has, Big Brother in Hollywood has said they will soon also warn us about movies that have smoking in them.  Jesus Christ, what next, warn us when a sexy woman is facing the camera or wearing red lipstick?  Stop overprotecting the masses, for Christ's sake. 

I really have to get my tones right.  I got to practice.  I just went into a Starbucks and when the girl behind the counter gave me my muffin in a bag, I said "Do you have a tray?"  Khun mee that mai, Khap?  I asked twice and she was obviously a bit perplexed, then she said "Oh, thaaaat."  Because of the wrong tone, I had asked her if she had any slaves (that!).  I had trouble with that word before.  Why is it Chinese tones seem so normal to me but Thai tones always give me trouble?  Although it isn't just me.  When my friend Paul was a cameraman on a recent film he warned the lighting people to be careful about the shadows.  Paul speaks fluent Thai but his tones are not always spot on, so while he thought he was saying be careful about the shadows (ngau) he was using the wrong tone and was saying be careful about being lonely (ngau).  So it goes...

Here he is, folks, the one you been reading about, the one who will make you rich, the one a woman in Thailand lost her life over in a stampede to get one: Jatukarm Ramathep.  This is the latest craze among Thais.  Small children wear them during exams, and everybody who has one expects to be wealthy.  Well, maybe if I pray to Jatukarm the sidewalk along Sukhumvit Road will get fixed.  Or beer prices will go down.  Or Asia Books will distribute my books properly. Meanwhile, I'll just keep wearing my usual Buddha image, thank you just the same.

This was the first picture I took when I got back from the States.  I was sitting at Big Dogs and when I looked at the picture I thought oh shit the camera is screwed up, my new digital camera, no less, relatively new, anyway, but then I realized it was just the effect of the mist of tiny water drops Big Drops I mean Big Dogs turns on for us to keep us cool during the hot season.  Funny thing is if you click on it I think you'll agree it's better this way, more mysterious and atmospheric.  Maybe that's the best way to see Nana Plaza, anyway, through a hazy mist.

The Bookhouse at Nana Square on Sukhumvit soi 3 corner has closed.  I think it began losing money from day one because of the location.  Always sad to see a bookstore closing.  However Bookazine is opening yet another store in Jumtien, their second, and Asia Books has opened down a lane off Walking Street in Pattaya, their second in Pattaya, I believe.

So a Thai ministry is trying to sue YouTube.  (Think Ahab chasing Moby Dick.)  Are they going to sue every site on the internet that criticizes the King?  It makes no sense and is just a case of a ministry chasing its own tail.  At taxpayer expense.  There are "inappropriate" buttons on YouTube.  If they stop blocking the site, and thousands of Thais hit those buttons, YouTube will take them down.  But the posters will of course post on other sites because the Ministry has in their eyes made a challenge to freedom of expression.  Didn't this same ministry ban a book on Thailand or was that another one?  What a waste of taxpayer money this ministry is.  Anyway, it seems YouTube has seen the light (or the possible loss of profits) and decided to take down all the videos defaming the King.  I don't like censorship but it would be nice if foreigners understood the difference between attacking a Thai prime minister with lewd, vulgar videos and attacking the King with those kinds of videos.  Now this minister is demanding the names of the guys who uploaded the videos to YouTube.  A real egotistical Ahab, all right.

Rush Limbaugh has been playing a song called Barack the Magic Negro, to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon.  Duh, excuse me, but can anyone say Don Imus three times fast?  I suspect Rush is a slow learner.

And I have to share this below with you.  A New York feminazi commented on regarding Thailand: Land of Beautiful Women:

Yawn. Just sounds like typical white-guy rationalizations for , April 30, 2007
Reviewer: yippee1999 "yippee1999" (New York, NY United States) - See all my reviews

preferring women who prefer HIM, and any "oh-so-handsome" Western men like him. Wouldn't you too be smitten if a certain type of woman seems to fawn all over you and your kind? And then he has to write a book all about them? And yeah, the woman on the cover does look like a katoey.

If you read all the reviews here, you begin to notice a common thread amongst a number of the reviewers: disdain for "feminists" and "Western women". Men such as these like to throw these terms around as "insults". Well, this feminist, western woman isn't bothered at all by your "preference". To me, it just speaks volumes about the particular reviewers.

Note: If you really believe the poor bitch isn't bothered by our "preference" I've got two towers in the city where she lives to sell to you.  If she isn't bothered then why bother to reply?  My question would be if she's not a lesbian what is she doing reading Thailand: Land of Beautiful Women?  Although I can't blame her for being miffed; she been outclassed in charm, looks, grace, smile, you name it.  Actually, when a review isn't specifically about the book in question and is gratuitously insulting or someone is obviously pursuing their own agenda, Amazon will remove the review if the publisher or author requests it.  But I like to leave them all up there; it's part of the fun.  I have nothing at all against white women but as Whore House Charlie used to say, "Looking at a white woman is the first step to homosexuality."  And, yeah, sweetie, it's true: I'm a hansum man.  Now rejoin your feminazi friends and go back to babbling about Relationships, Commitment, Communication and, oh, yes, Empowerment.  Yaaawn.

ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK by Chris Coles, courtesy

Yet another ABAC poll, this time telling us Thais are not so happy anymore.  Maybe if there were fewer useless ABAC polls they would be happy again.


Mail Bag

I have a strang
e letter, well, actually, a very strange letter, from someone we'll call Sam.  Sam sent me a long letter and said he wants to come back to Thailand but he can't because "Well, I don't know. I have a very special problem with the Thai Princess. I have stolen one of the dogs of this LADY; her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and her dogs.  Now I am a persona non grata in Thailand!"  And he sent this picture.  Sam, please, please, enlighten us, I beseech thee.  How did you steal one of the dogs of Her Royal Highness, why did you steal one of the dogs and how did they catch you?  Assuming you are not putting me on or high on great uppers that the Beats would have died for, please fill in the blanks in your next letter.  Your real name will never pass my lips.


Another letter writer says: "I want to comment on your Islam hate which you express on your website constantly.  Wait for my next email."


OK, I'll wait, but meanwhile may I comment that I have no hate for Muslims unless they are the terrorist type.  How, for example, could anybody hate Indonesian women?  Yummy!  I simply try to counteract the bullshit of leftists and political correctness artists and propaganda-spinners to point out what is really going on and why.  And I say that Western policies do not cause Islamofascism but rather it is the Jihad imperative within Islamic theology which is the problem and has been the problem since the 7th century.  In fact, supporting the moderate Muslims such as the women who have stood up to Islamofascism or who have had to flee is what we should all be doing.  Is there such as thing as "moderate Muslims"?  You betcha: 

In Pakistan, an estimated 100,000 people demonstrated on April 15 in Karachi, the country's largest city, to protest the plans of a powerful mosque in Islamabad, the Lal Masjid, to establish a parallel court system based on Islamic law, the Shari‘a. "No to extremism," roared the crowd. "We will strongly resist religious terrorism and religious extremism," exhorted Altaf Hussain, leader of the Mutahida Qaumi Movement, at the rally.

In Turkey, more than a million moderate Muslims in five marches protested the bid of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) to take over the presidency of the republic, giving it control over the two top government offices (the other being the prime ministry, currently filled by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan).

Stacy Sullivan, the author of a book on Albanian-Americans, said that a handful of Islamic hardliners arrived in Kosovo after the American intervention and attempted to spread radical Islam. She said they found little, if any, interest and that Albanians derisively dubbed them the “pajama people,” a reference to their traditional clothes.

Doctor Daniel Pipes sums it up nicely: "Is it not telling that great numbers of moderate Muslims see danger where so many non-Muslims are blind? Do developments in Pakistan and Turkey not confirm my oft-repeated point that radical Islam is the problem and moderate Islam the solution? And do they not suggest that ignorant non-Muslim busybodies should get out of the way of those moderate Muslims determined to relegate Islamism to its rightful place in the dustbin of history?"

Meanwhile,Joliefatwa here in Thailand, as usual, the government gets down on iPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketts knees to please Muslim fanatics and to obey their demands in the south of the country.  All the Muslims have to do is demonstrate or block a road and demand that suspects are released.  Very sad that the Thai government has to learn the hard way that appeasement doesn't work with Muslim fanatics.  However much it may hurt liberal ears and sensibility, you kill them before they can kill you.  However, there was a counter-demonstration by Buddhists sick of such nonsense and I think the vast majority of Thais are way ahead of the government on this one.  And, of course, you read of the seven Rangers blown up and shot in the head in southern Thailand by Muslim terrorists.  One crawled away so they shot him too.  Two days later they killed two policemen and civilians, teachers, students, Buddhist monks, rubber planters, Muslim village chiefs friendly toward the Thai government, etc., etc., etc.


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