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Welcome to my website.  Unlike the universe, this website has a purpose: to offer rants, tirades, opinions and discussion about books on Thailand, give an overview of nightlife in Thailand and, yes, to provide a few news items which might not appear elsewhere.  And to have some fun.

Bar, club and restaurant owners who would like to send material on their special events, birthday bashes, anniversary parties, etc., are welcome to do so but please remember men in Thailand are a bit jaded so if you’re just going to offer the usual free gourmet food and free full band entertainment and free beautiful and eager-to-please women, well, the lads have been there, done that. So do try to offer potential patrons something special. ;-)

There is a contest every two weeks when this column appears and the first to answer the question correctly or identify a photograph correctly will receive vouchers worth at least 3,500 baht in food and drink, i.e., 500 baht each, from Larry's Dive, Shadow Bar, The Old Dutch, the Big Mango, Electric Blue, The Duke of Wellington pub, and Bourbon Street Restaurant. The prizes will build up in case anyone doesn't win it immediately so the bonanza for the eventual winner could get quite interesting.  It will double to 7,000 and, if still no winner, to 9,500, etc.  Second prize is a "I Support Single Moms" T-shirt.  And please remember a part of all money received from the sale of my books goes to needy Thais (in the form of payment to go go dancers, waitresses and hostesses).


Electric Blue on Patpong II had its 5-year party and it was a good one.  In order to reach Electric Blue, I ran like hell past BarBar so the doms couldn't catch me and drag me upstairs and do unimaginable things to my body.  True, the ladies do not take their clothes off but I saw no fat ones at all and several extremely pretty dancers.  I will put a video up in the near future as I managed to sneak a few shots of the dancers in action.  The only reason the dancers worry about photographs is that they don't want their foreign boyfriends who are sending them money to learn they are not back on the rice farm in Essarn as they said they are.  And, not to forget, the bar serves popcorn.  And, at right, is a shot of one of the photographers who has been photographing Patpong for many years.




Help!  The girl in the middle three pictures at Mojos is driving me mad with desire.  Help!  I have got to get out of this town!  (But I won't.)  In my mind, I call her the Taser, because she incapacitates me the way a Taser gun hits people, you know, that handgun-shaped device that disables people with a pulsating electrical current.  I'm trying to talk her into moving down the street to Demonia's.  Look at that middle picture of her and now imagine her with a wooden-handled, rawhide-core whip in her hand (same same Indiana Jones) and a black leather outfit and those boots.  And a you've-been-a-very-naughty-boy scowl on her beautiful face.  She could make her fortune in months if not in days!  (I'm just trying to help out a lady; nothing in it for me, of course.) 



I have a Canadian friend, Michael.  Canadian.  Oh, come on, you know, Canada!  That expanse of land north of the USA where they don't carry guns?  I mean, I'm not talking Glock 17 here, they don't even carry your basic Ruger revolver.  Loopy, I know, but there it is.  Anyway, Michael has a method as to deciding whether or not he takes a lady back home with him.  A very good one.  And here it is:

He says he divides his age by two and then adds seven years.  As he is about 52 or so that means he would half his age to 26, add 7, which would be 33.  If she is younger than that he might take her home but he would have no serious plans for hooking up with her more permanently because he feels, I think, that their experience and outlook on life would be too different, etc., etc., etc.  Now, you can say as I'm sure the majority of us do, that this plan shows Michael to be a true gentleman who does not "objectify women" and who cares about more than just smooth feminine flesh and curves and so on and so forth.  Or, of course, there may be a minority report which regards such considerations as proving beyond doubt that Canadians are pretty fucked up. 

I must confess, though, that I too have a method of choosing women for the night.  At my age, if I used Michael's method and divided my age by two and added 7 years, the lady in question might need a walker or would probably be on Medicare.  So my method is a bit different:  I divide my age by 3 and then add the number of years according to the same number of times Thai politicians speak the truth.  So, although I am older than Michael, somehow the women I am with seem to be a bit younger than the women he is with.  Whatever floats your boat...

Tilac Bar does have a few overweight chicks but they also have a few lookers as well.  I guess in that regard it is not unlike other bars.  Anyway, they sure do have a lot of dancers and the setup for dancing is nice with dancers on stages around the room as well as in the center.  But don't forget it is the only bar in Bangkok that I know of in which you can actually take a whiz while looking out at the dancers!  Brilliant!

Last time I was in the Penthouse Hotel at Pattaya, admittedly last year, their Kitten Club had some very good looking chicks (as in the photo) but also two ladyboys, one of which was obnoxious.  So I hope now that they have the new Obsession Club they will keep the Kitten Club ladyboy-free.  I cannot blame them too much as they are in the section of Pattaya not far from Walking Street in which there seems to be a mix of male and female bars.  In fact, BoyzTown could be seen from the window of the hotel.  It seems that the gay area is creeping up on the Penthouse Hotel the way the Gobi Desert creeps a bit closer to Beijing every year.  This being Thailand, I suppose if Pattaya didn't exist, somebody would have invented it.

We were a bit drunk at the time.  But someone asked me an interesting question.  He said, we all know the good things about Bangkok, but what is the worst thing about Bangkok?  I thought for a minute and I think I gave him a good answer.  The worst thing about Bangkok is when you finally realize you can't fuck them all.

And, yes, the shows at Sheba's and Suzie Wong are still fantastic.  Five of them on stage the other night, not overburdened with clothing enjoying one another's company.  If that doesn't get you horny, you are dead.  They usually start about ten but if there are not many customers they may start late.  Go ahead and nurse your beer and wait.  The show is worth it!  Just keep asking the mama-san when the show starts.  And the new pub on soi 23 should be ready for business in August.  It's just across the street from the drugstore where you buy your Viagra.


Life is Not Easy in Thailand

The other night I was on Rachadapiset Road with two chicks having an expensive seafood meal trying to get rid of one so I could go off and do the nasty with the other but the one I wanted got a rash from the seafood and started swelling up so they went off to see a doctor which of course I paid for because I paid the bill for the seafood meal which made it according to Thai logic my fault she was having problems and then I ended up at a well known bar on Soi Cowboy taking a real beauty upstairs but they only have couches upstairs in that room because otherwise if they have a bed the cops can close them but with couches lining the walls that can pass as an upstairs office but if the manager pays the cops 1,000 baht a month he could have a bed up there but although he runs a great bar he is too fucking cheap to pay and how the hell is a man my age supposed to get a hardon on a fucking couch!?  I need a bed goddamnit!  

The Thai phrase Nok Khao Mai khan in English means "the pigeon doesn't sing (or bark)" which means you can't get a hard on.  The chick didn't say that but she started making noises like a pigeon the bitch and it's all the bar owner's fault the cheap bar-owning bastard so I'm taking her home next time to a real bed and then I'll slap the wood to her and give her whatfor.  Pigeons my ass. 

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking well why didn't I take her down to nearby Penny Black Hotel where the rooms are great and the beds are excellent like I did last time and the pigeon sang just fine?  Because the Rawhide Bar is next to Penny Black and I hang out at the Rawhide and, because business is slow, like a lot of bars, they had several dancers standing outside calling to passersby, and if they had seen me take a chick from another bar to Penny Black, well, that would not have gone down well at all; to the point where I might have lost my pigeon altogether.  So I had to try to do it on a plastic-covered couch which was too narrow for both of us to lie together, for Christ's sake!  Life is not easy in Thailand.

While on the subject of Soi Cowboy, I am told that the bars owned by the "Arab" such as Spice Girls actually charge 2,000 baht barfine plus you have to buy three drinks for the girl at 200 baht apiece!  Who but an innocent tourist or a drunken local would do that?!  To be fair, I don't know this from experience but several people have told me that.  Also, the so-called Arab is not an Arab he is a Persian, that is, Iranian.  You're right, there is no Persia anymore and probably before Bush leaves office there won't be an Iran, either. 

Anyway, it seems he has practically unlimited funds to buy bars and remodel them with lots of neon.  I said in the column many months ago that after he bought the once wonderfully low class favorite of everybody Midnight bar I went in and saw five obvious ladyboys on stage so I never went back.  To be fair, maybe that has changed and all is feminine again; I should check.  I don't understand this guy's business plan and it seems no other bar owner does either.  The other weird thing is that he has built dividers outside between his bars and the next bar.  I don't get it - what the hell is that for?  It's similar in a way to the love hotel curtains.  Jumping a topic, I hear that heavy stuff is going down at Joy bar.  I shall say no more.  And, yes, everybody is complaining about how slow business is; I mean everybody.  I never heard so many complaints of no customers; that must be why I have suddenly become so handsome.

OK, I did check Midnight Bar.  I went in and sat down and looked at the dancers and was happy to see no ladyboys.  That meant the bar was on-limits again.  So I ordered a drink and just then up on stage lumbered a very, very tall and very, very obvious ladyboy.  So nothing has changed.  I don't understand the business plan of bars who mix up ladyboys with real women.  If I wanted a ladyboy I would go to a ladyboy bar.  If I wanted a girl I would go to a bar with girls.  Why, why, why mix them up and piss off those of us few remaining heteros in Bangkok?

I did buy a drink for the waitress there; she was funny.  I said mai mee lukha, chai mai? (no customers, huh?).  She said, mai mee lukha jai dee.  (No customer with a good heart, in other words, no Big Spenders).  Always remember, when in a bar, if the girls crowded around you say you have a good heart, that means you have been spending far too much and you should pay your bill and get the hell out.

OK, I checked.  As I said above, I was told that the barfine alone in Spice Girls, one of the "Arab's" bars on Soi Cowboy was 2,000 baht.  So in I went the other night and sat down and ordered a beer.  It was more crowded than a lot of bars were and there were quite a few pretty dancers.  I asked the guy to my left where he was from and he said India; the guy on my right was from China.  So it was a very international establishment.  Anyway, when I paid my bill, I asked the waitress how much the barfine was.  She hesitated and then said 700 baht.  Whether or not they try to get more out of Japanese, etc., I wouldn't know, but 700 baht is only 100 baht more than most places so until I hear otherwise that is what it is.

Yum, yum, yum!


It really isn't worth it to take a beautiful Thai woman back to your place for all night, is it?  I mean, you never get the same good sleep you would have had had you been alone in your bed.  You know what I'm talking about: While she sleeps next to you, maybe her curvaceous leg is on yours so you can't turn over or her long, fine black hair is all over her pillow and your pillow as well and in your face or, as often happens, if I don't quickly turn over on my back, I might wake up to find her breast very near my mouth.  That happened to me the other night and it was only by the grace of God that her breast didn't press against my face.  Yeah, it really isn't worth is.  Heh, heh, heh...



Daryl's birthday party at DollHouse, Soi Cowboy.  Click on the picture if for no other reason to adore the lovely lady presenting the cake.  Look at that hair!!  I must say Daryl does have some good looking women and at New Year's Eve when he fills the bar with styrofoam, wow!  What a party!


I just wrote to a friend of mine that I had barfined his site.  Of course, I meant "bookmarked."  I think I may need a change of lifestyle...




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OK, this is what you have been so anxiously waiting for: Somebody to shoot me dead during my radio show.  And Khun Lek did it.  I've added photos and put it up on YouTube.  Quite short and to the point, so to speak.  Check it out:


Murder on air during the Dean Barrett show



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Khun Nana's Corner

Khun Nana is a savvy local expat who keeps in shape by hitting most of the bars of Nana Plaza as often as possible.  From his vast experience, he will enlighten and entertain us with his recollections of the bar scene be they humorous, tragic or somewhere in between.

It was my first trip to Thailand.  Actually, it was my first trip to Southeast Asia.  I was 37 years old, had been to Latin America, North America and Western Europe but had yet to venture into the Far East.  I can still recall that after 37 years of American women, I had pretty much written off women as a whole and was really looking forward to traveling around Thailand, partying and taking in the sights.  Frankly, I had little or no interest in meeting any gals, and was starting to feel that I just didn’t like them very much anymore.  Well, I still liked sex, but wasn’t interested in all the pain, frustration and humiliation that had to be endured in order to obtain it! 

One of the biggest shocks of my life (which to this day I still haven’t recovered from I must add) came when I changed planes in Tokyo for the Tokyo to Bangkok leg of the flight and first laid my eyes on all those perfect looking Thai hostesses.  I had never seen such exquisite beauty and literally was tongue-tied for the first 15 minutes.  The prettiest of the attendants approached me and inquired as to whether or not I would like something to drink.  She was so angelic, demure and really the epitome of what a woman she be.  I believe my response was “urgh maybe me uhhh, errr” or something like that.  Then I turned to the guy sitting next to me (I was flying first class) and said “what are these?”  He replied that they were Thai flight attendants.  I said “you mean these are women?”  He chuckled and added that they were Thai women.  My very first thought was that I am suddenly afraid of death.  I finally have something to live for!

I had one of those special moments this week that could only happen in Thailand.  I was in the lobby of the Nana Hotel, chatting with a few friends about various unimportant nonsense when my old mate Seth came lurking around the corner.  Seth is a jovial old fellow of approximately (he won’t tell anyone his real age) 85 years and in spite of his years has quite a fondness for the female natives.  I often see him with 2 or 3 gals stumbling back to his apartment which is spitting distance from Nana.  On this particular day he was beaming from ear to ear (even more than usual-which is considerable) and looked like he had a secret to tell me. I inquired “Seth, what the heck are you up to you old coot?”  With a grin reminiscent of the infamous cat that swallowed the canary he blurted out “In my entire lifetime I never thought it would be possible.  There is actually TOO MUCH pussy!”

Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s only the bar gals who can act completely irrational.  I had 2 incidents in the past month where “normal” office gals acted like they were completely bonkers.  The first incident concerned a young lady I met at an office party.  She is 23, went to a good university and works at a small Thai company.  We exchanged email addresses and phone numbers and after chatting online a few times we decided to hook up for lunch.  The day before the date I sent an SMS message to her mobile reminding her of the correct time and place to meet.  She sent back a scathing SMS about how I had ruined her life!  We chatted the next day online and she said that her Thai boyfriend had intercepted the message and they had a HUGE fight over it.  Better yet, in her opinion it was all my fault!  Well, she never told me she had a boyfriend and that we had to meet secretly.  She even went as far as to change the title of her MSN homepage to “It’s all your fault” in reference to me. 

The second incident involved a Thai nurse that I have been dating for only a few weeks.  I brought her back to my apartment for the first time and the following conversation ensued:

Me: How do you like my apartment?

Gal: You live here alone?

Me: Yes, I live alone.

Gal: You must have a different lady in your room every night.

Me: Why do you say that?

Gal: If a Thai man doesn’t have a lady live with him then he has sex with a different gal

        every night.

Me: I am not a Thai man.

Gal: Every man is the same like this

Me: But if I had a lady live with me, then you couldn’t date me!

Gal: Yes

Me: And if I live alone then I must be a playboy and you shouldn’t date me

Gal: Yes, exactly

Me: So if I have a lady here then you cannot date me, and if I don’t then I am a

       playboy and you don’t want to date me?

Gal: Yes, now you understand!

Thankfully we had sex anyway otherwise it would have been a totally frustrating evening.

So what do we conclude from all this nonsense?  Gals will be gals and a certain percentage are totally whacko regardless of whether or not they are Thai or Western, Bar gal or Office gal.  So keep your guards up out there!

Until next time.  Khun Nana

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Doug Harrison of Bourbon Street Restaurant has not been idle.  He and his wife, Ju, have opened the Bourbon St. MEZZ at the new building at Bumrungrad Hospital. They have six kitchens and 320 seats in a Food Court concept. This is a deal Doug has been working on for the last 15 months. He had to buy all the kitchen equipment and finish out the open kitchen.  He doesn't have to worry about service or buying and cleaning the dishes. All the service and dishes are taken care of by Sodexho.  Soon they will be sending food up to the 440 rooms and the menus will be on the TVs.  Cajun food in your hospital bed - not bad. 

By the way, Bourbon Street serves Hurricanes.  That is the drink I had in New Orleans many years ago, a drink with four ounces of rum in them.  I remember my girlfriend and I almost didn't go into a bar/pub type place in the French Quarter because people were singing and rowdy.  Then after two Hurricanes, guess who became the life of the party?  Yep, not a bad drink if you don't have to work the next day.


This column is not a column on politics in the USA or in Thailand.  But I did read a phrase that strikes me as possibly being unfortunately spot-on accurate:  "The coming election in America seems to be a choice between Jimmy Carter II and Bush III."  Nuff said?


As for Thai politics: A female Thai (border) policewoman had her arm broken during the recent imbroglio between PAD and the Thai government.  Now this is interesting: "She maintained that most female border policewomen were not lesbians as many people believe.  They cut their hair short and put on police uniform, but also use makeup."  Actually, I had never given much thought to female border policewomen, nor had I thought they were lesbians, so this comes as a sort of pleasant surprise.  I shall certainly be thinking more about them now.  The Bangkok Post goes on to quote her: "She recalled the moment when one male protester ran towards her.  As he was about to throw a punch, she ducked and shouted that she was a woman.  It is hard to distinguish between female and male officers when police are in riot gear...My colleagues who have pretty faces were spared the wrath of the protesters.  I came close to receiving a blow because I have a tomboy look."

So, naturally, upset by this blatant display of unfairness, I had to put pen to paper, so to speak, and immediately dashed off a letter to the Bangkok Post:

Dear Sir, I was upset to see that a border patrol policewoman had her arm broken in the recent clash near Government House.  We can all sympathize with her.  But it seems the protesters added insult to injury as the lady is quoted as saying: "My colleagues who have pretty faces were spared the wrath of the protesters.  I came close to receiving a blow because I have a tomboy look."

It seems to me there should be a law against protesters discriminating between policewomen with pretty faces and those with a tomboy look; and if they are foolish enough to strike out at a policewoman they should not add insult to injury by striking only those considered to be less attractive.  After all, fairness and consideration is what kriengchai is all about, no?

(Do not expect this to be published)

"Now, don' be shy, little honey; you want a good grade, right?"


Once again Thai teachers at Thai universities were getting a bit too amorous with their students, demanding sex for good grades.  This student contacted the police and they set up a camera in his office so that at last in one of these cases there would be evidence.  Yep, watch those hidden cameras, folks.  Have you swept your apartment and business for "bugs" lately?  Bad boys, what are yah gonna do when they come for you?


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Letters from Readers


 Hi Dean,

Great article on the New McCarthyism.  People stateside have been
totally propagandized by religious organizations into believing this
trafficking nonsense.  The religious organizations then get more
donations, thus continuing the propaganda chain.  This week, after a four-month     investigation, Santa Clara County sheriffs busted a Taiwanese house (sex for sale), but admitted there was no trafficking going on there.  I hope our county now feels safer.  Two new tax measures are coming up on the November ballot, and you can bet I'll vote both of them down.  Disband the vice squad, and we'll have a bunch
of "found" money to build parks and schools. 'Nuff said. - Geoff



Attn: Mr. deanbarr (as if . . . ) -- 

Ok, it has come to this: this is absolutely the last time I am going to pee in this pool.  To wit: it is the 16th in Boston which means it must be at least the 18th in Bangkok and there is no up-to-date issue of on my computer screen (not that I care . .I really don't care--I'm just sayin' ). 

So what is this all about if I don't care?  Standards.  Standards, and the United Nations, and the International Center of Weights and Measures in Washington, D.C.  To wit: I am going to nominate to the above organizations that your complete indifference to all that is good and sacred and human be considered the baseline for monsters.  

Your continual late postings of this website will become a scientific and social measuring rod of all that is the worst in humanity and the downward spiral of evolution that we are now experiencing.  I hope you are happy.  You will become famous and immortal for all of the wrong reasons.  Monster (as if you care). 

A Fan Who You Will Never Guess The Identity Of:  ANAD 




Well, Dana, I don't mind being famous and immortal for all the wrong reasons.  That sounds like the perfect recipe for selling lots of books.  And if you calm down, take your medicine, and be sure to use clean needles, I think I can promise you new pictures of Fon very soon.



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More News on the "Religion of Peace"




The "Religion of Peace" continues to visit Southern Thailand


6/11/2008 Thailand Pattani - Islamist gunmen kill a father in an attack that leaves his two daughters injured as well.

6/17/2008 Thailand Narathiwat - A 45-year-old widow and mother of five is chased down and shot by Holy Warriors.

6/18/2008 (Pattani, Thailand) - Two members of a security patrol die from shrapnel injuries following a roadside blast set off by Mujahideen.


          6/19/2008 (Yala, Thailand) - A 3-year-old boy and his father are gunned down by the Religion of Peace.


6/20/2008 (Yala, Thailand) - Islamic gunmen open up on a truck, killing an occupant.


6/21/2008 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Four railway workers are gunned down in cold blood by radical Muslims.  All trains to Thailand's southern three provinces cancelled for several days. 

6/27/2008 (Pattani, Thailand) - A 64-year-old man is murdered by Islamic gunmen.

6/27/2008 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - A 36-year-old civilian is shot to death by Mujahid after dropping his children off at school.

6/30/2008 (Yala, Thailand) - A 46-year-old man is shot to death by Islamic terrorists.




Chilling Undercover Investigation on Mosques in England & Muslim Hatred of the West


Peaceful, intelligent Muslims, always tolerant of other viewpoints




Multiculturalism in Sweden




This Muslim girl lived in Canada.  She refused to wear a hijab and had disputes with her family about living freely.  So her father strangled her.




Eight Jewish religious students were murdered by a Muslim.  Palestinians celebrated as seen in the picture.  I ran this picture before but what puzzles me is why we never see pictures like this on CNN and BBC.





Americans Whitewash Muslim Call for War in School Textbooks

A new report issued by the American Textbook Council says books approved for use in local school districts for teaching middle and high school students about Islam caved in to political correctness and dumbed down the topic at a critical moment in its history.

"Textbook editors try to avoid any subject that could turn into a political grenade," wrote Gilbert Sewall, director of the council, who railed against five popular history texts for "adjust[ing] the definition of jihad or sharia or remov[ing] these words from lessons to avoid inconvenient truths."

Sewall complains the word jihad has gone through an "amazing cultural reorchestration" in textbooks, losing any connotation of violence. He cites Houghton Mifflin's popular middle school text, "Across the Centuries," which has been approved for use in Montgomery County Schools. It defines "jihad" as a struggle "to do one's best to resist temptation and overcome evil."

Just a note to say that Mohammad exempted the elderly and young from doing Jihad.  He meant it as WAR against the infidels.  If it was just to mean reflection and resist temptation, why would he have exempted anyone from it?  More Muslim lies and more cowardly political correctness in America.  It is this "Islam creep" that is doing Europe in and it looks like America won't fare any better.




To continue carrying today's theme of "you couldn't make this stuff up" - comes a news article from Bristol (where else but in) England/UK. The dhimmis in the British government, in an effort to not offend muslims, have spent $12 million dollars to build the "Muslim Friendly Very Sheltered Housing"

A brand spanking new apartment complex has been built with 19 of the apartments constructed to facilitate the Islamic lifestyle - these flats/apartments have been built with such amenities as toilets that do not face Mecca and with beds that can easily be turned to face the southeast. Also featured are more cabinets and ventilation to aid in "steamy" muslim cooking and shower heads, on the toilet bowl.

So what about the elderly non muslim British people that may find themselves located to a muslimized apartment? Aashyana Housing Association chief executive, Saeed Anwar, said at the time:

"If an English tenant moved in, they would use the cupboards or the toilets and not think about them - but it can make an extra difference to others."

He's right - the British people are already well used to being forced to accept all things muslim. - The Opinionator




American taxpayers pay for Islamic schools in USA

At what point does a publicly funded charter school with strong Islamic ties cross the line and inappropriately promote religion?

That's a question now facing us in Minnesota. For the past five years, the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, in Inver Grove Heights, Minn., has operated in close connection with the Muslim American Society of Minnesota. The school accepts public funds, and thus the broader constitutional requirements placed on all public schools. Nonetheless, in many ways it behaves like a religious school.

[Charter Schools Shouldn't Promote Islam]
A teacher talks to her students at Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, Oct. 12, 2004.

The school is named for the Muslim general who conquered Spain in the eighth century. It shares a building with a mosque and the headquarters of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota. The cafeteria serves Halal food. Arabic is a required subject. There is a break for midday prayers.

This is a Wall Street Journal report which I won't bother to quote in full because by now most people are aware of "Muslim Creep" as taxpayers pay for Muslim schools, even those named for Muslim generals who attacked the West.  When will people wake the fuck up?




Muslim Terrorists Plan on Hitting Denmark


A terrorist attack on Danish soil is right now being planned, on direct orders from al-Qaeda's leadership, reveals Jakob Scharf, the head of PET, the Danish National Security Service

According to Scharf al-Qaeda as a strong wish to carry out an attack in Denmark.  He says that there are even now several ongoing operations. "We see people and networks in Denmark which constitute a concrete threat, and which have the will and means to carry out an attack."

According to PET, youth of Danish background had been to terrorist training on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The terror preparations are directed and planned by al-Qaeda.  To the question whether those people are only 'thinking' of a terror attack, Scharf answers: No, these people and networks consitute a concrete threat which we're right now working at PET to counter."



Man set on fire for dating Muslim Girl - In London!


Police were appealing for witnesses today following the attempted murder of a man who was doused in petrol and set on fire in east London.  The 20-year-old, who is fighting for his life in the hospital, was torched as he sat in his car in Forest Gate.




You are Not Going to Believe This!  Please Read!:


This hairdresser interviewed a Muslim woman for a job as hairdresser.  The Muslim woman said she wouldn't remove her scarf.  She wasn't hired.  The Muslim woman said her feelings were hurt so a British court has said the hairdresser must pay the Muslim bitch four thousand pounds!  The bitch admits she was advised by a Muslim (read: fanatic) group and that she had been turned down 25 times before for a hairdressing job.  Hey, England, are you fucking crazy or what?!




Pedophilia OK for Muslims - Canadian Troops told to ignore Afghan Police having Sex with Young Boys:



Tunisians Had Planned To Strangle Prophet Cartoonist

COPENHAGEN (AFP)--Two Tunisians detained in Denmark for allegedly plotting to kill a cartoonist who satirized the Prophet Mohammed, had planned to strangle their target, according to intelligence documents cited by media Thursday.  Documents belonging to the Danish PET intelligence agency indicate the two suspects, aged 26 and 36, had carefully planned the foiled attack on Kurt Westergaard earlier this year, free daily Nyhedsavisen wrote on its Web site.

The youngest of the two Tunisians was a martial arts expert who was supposed to strangle Westergaard, Nyhedsavisen wrote.  The pair were arrested on Feb. 12 before the alleged plot could be put into practice.

Westergaard, 73, was one of 12 cartoonists who drew caricatures of the prophet for a Danish newspaper in September 2005 that sparked angry and in some cases deadly protests across the Muslim world in early 2006.  His cartoon, which was considered the most controversial, features the prophet's head with a turban in the shape of a bomb with a lit fuse. It was widely republished after police foiled the murder plot last February...Among other things, the document showed they had staked out the cartoonist's home and had an overview of how many people lived there, his schedule and the fact that he didn't have a guard dog, the paper wrote. Dow Jones Newswires


Houston: Muslims in USA threaten publisher for describing heretical Islamic sect as Muslims

The Ahmadiyyas are a sect considered heretical by mainstream Muslims (not least because they reject violent jihad), and are consequently often persecuted in Muslim countries. And now, courtesy of our (USA) mad failure to halt immigration from Muslim countries despite the fact that no attempt is even made to determine the attitudes toward jihad and Islamic supremacism of the Muslims entering the country (and such efforts would be extraordinarily difficult anyway, although a screening process would at least allow for prosecution and deportation of Muslims who renounced Sharia principles when entering the country and then agitated for them once here), we see this ancient hatred imported into the United States.


“Religion is an insult to human dignity.  With or without it, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.  But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”-- by Nobel Laureate physicist Steven Weinberg. 



Please note, I do not and never would advocate violence against individual Muslims in any community.  For one thing, the guy you beat up with a baseball bat may turn out to have just escaped from some horrible Islamic regime.  Individual violence against Muslims or doing damage to mosques, etc., is just stupid and is also counterproductive as Muslim fanatics will show pictures of that all over the Muslim world to incite people against the West. 

A good case can be made that Islam is a fanatical brotherhood masquerading as a religion, and, indeed, the adherents of Islam often act that way.   But, as individuals, a Muslim neighbor might possibly be more honest than a Christian neighbor.  It is only that the Muslim will have been brought up in a religion/brotherhood with a medieval mindset that is centuries behind the times and has a penchant for violence, especially against those who criticize the Koran and other aspects of Islam.   Winning the war against Muslim fanatics will take a long time and be hard-fought but it can and will be won.  But we must demand that more and more moderate Muslims join the fight against fanatical Muslims.   We must demand that our leaders absolutely reject any "compromise" on our right to free expression.  Compromising with the fanatics pulls the rug out from the Muslim moderates desperately trying to reform and secularize Islam.  And we must never bow to Muslim demands to curb our hard-won freedom of expression.   And freedom of expression always includes satire and even insulting satire including satire of glorified tribal myths called religion. 

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