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Welcome to my website.  Unlike the universe, this website has a purpose: to offer rants, tirades, opinions and discussion about books on Thailand, give an overview of nightlife in Thailand and, yes, to provide a few news items which might not appear elsewhere.  And to have some fun.

Bar, club and restaurant owners who would like to send material on their special events, birthday bashes, anniversary parties, etc., are welcome to do so but please remember men in Thailand are a bit jaded so if you’re just going to offer the usual free gourmet food and free full band entertainment and free beautiful and eager-to-please women, well, the lads have been there, done that. So do try to offer potential patrons something special. ;-)

There is a contest every two weeks when this column appears and the first to answer the question correctly or identify a photograph correctly will receive vouchers worth at least 3,000 baht in food and drink, i.e., 500 baht each, from Larry's Dive, Shadow Bar, The Old Dutch, Electric Blue, The Duke of Wellington pub, and Bourbon Street Cafe. The prizes will build up in case anyone doesn't win it immediately so the bonanza for the eventual winner could get quite interesting.  It will double to 6,000 and, if still no winner, to 9,000, etc.  Second prize is a "I Support Single Moms" T-shirt.  And please remember a part of all money received from the sale of my books goes to needy Thais (in the form of payment to go go dancers, waitresses and hostesses).




If you have a chance to stop by, on the 26th of March, there will be a writers' panel at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Bangkok.  Participants are Stephen Leather, Colin Cotterill, Christopher Moore and myself.  The topic under discussion will be: "Fiction on Asia: Niche Market or Entering the Mainstream."  It should be lively and fun.  Panel starts at 8 p.m.  Members free; non-members 300 baht.  Easy to get there: Chitlom stop on the Skytrain connects to Maneeya Building where the FCCT is.

I have sometimes been criticized even by my friends for using the term "feminazi."  They say it is an ugly word and immediately makes me sound like some kind of fanatic, etc., etc.  So let me say in my own defense that I regard the term as essential.  When I lived in Manhattan, I sometimes got into it with feminists and found that some of them had a head on their shoulders and were not fanatical and I could agree with them on many issues.  I also found that some had so much hatred for white, heterosexual males that it was coming out of their ears.  You see, there is a spectrum and on one end are the rational feminists you can have an intelligent discussion with, and at the other end of the spectrum are the real man-hating nutcases.  Yes, some are lesbians but not all and in any case not all lesbians hate men.  But the word "feminist" means different things to different people and has therefore very little precise meaning left.  So I do not want to paint all feminists with the same brush, hence, I use the term feminazis to describe those who hate men and blame white, heterosexual males for all their unhappiness and all the world's troubles.  And I shall continue to do so.  Same same healthnazis.  Non-smokers are fine but rabid anti-smokers are, in my opinion, worse than smokers.  'Nuff said?


Isn't it nice that there are still old-fashioned brush sellers roaming the streets?  I remember in Hong Kong in the 70's some of the roaming vendors were women with lovely voices singing out.  I wish I had recorded them.  I bought a broom from the cart above for only 40 baht.  Made of bamboo.  Do make it a point to patronize vendors like this.  They can use the business more than the stores can.



And here we have the busloads of Japanese tourists rushing to take photos of the ladyboys at the Mambo show at Washington Square.  Or rather in between shows.  Ain't they purty?  I think it costs 20 baht a pop to have your photo taken with them.  But if you just walk by and snap a quick shot like I did it won't cost a satang.  The word on Washington Square is not yet in.  No one knows if the Indian landlords will sign new agreements or not.  Or if they want to build some kind of Big C or Lotus (all kinds of rumors are being floated).  Speaking of Washington Square, the latest word on George Pipas, owner of the Texas Lone Star Saloon, is that the ICU tubes have been taken off and he was even shouting from his hospital bed the other day.  Let's hope he makes a full recovery.  The Square would not be the same without him. 



More lovely ladies from the pages of After Dark magazine.  Some photographer is having a hell of a lot of fun!



The always interesting Bangkok-based writer Jerry Hopkins (No One Here Gets Out Alive, etc.) is listening intently as a lovely Japanese lady explains something to him in an upmarket restaurant on Sukhumvit, soi 8.  And if you haven't been to Sukhumvit, soi 8 for a while you will be very surprised at the amazing number of new and interesting restaurants, etc.  So if you associate Soi 8 only with Lolita's you will have to think again.  Jerry divides his time between Bangkok and upcountry whereas I divide my time between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.  Not exactly the same but the principle is the same.  Yes, indeed, it is good to have a change of pace now and then.  But, seriously, Thailand does have many very fine writers like Jerry living here which is why when I see a derogatory reference to "Bangkok writers" I know that whoever wrote that simply isn't up-to-speed on what is happening in the writing field or else has some kind of agenda.



Speaking of good writers living in Thailand I just finished The Coroner's Lunch by Colin Cotterill.  The New York Times calls it "a wonderfully fresh and exotic mystery."  It really is.  An elderly coroner in Laos tries to stay alive and not get involved in political chicanery while his suspicions grow about how and why bodies are coming into the morgue.  Very different and a fun read.  I believe it is the first of a series and there are already three more out there. 



I hadn't been in the Joy Bar on Soi Cowboy since it was bought and remodeled by Peter and the gang.  I went in a few nights ago and saw several ladies but only four dancing on a small stage.  Two were overweight, two were attractive.  From out of the darkness, a very attractive young thing appeared and proved to be very friendly indeed.  I mean very friendly.  It was all I could do to resist taking her home.  I had fun in the bar but what puzzles me is how the small bars along Soi Cowboy make a profit.  I mean, there are so many of them that surely especially after a not very good high season I would think some must be hurting for business.



There is news of a new black-and-white monthly publication loosely based on the concept of the UK magazine Private Eye.  Those in charge say it is Intended to be read, rather than flicked through and that the editorial is all important; and the idea of editorial integrity rather than advertorial is enshrined in the publishers concept. The articles include a light look at Thai politics, on the sois, bog standard, restaurant review, nightlife, old Bangkok, a trip out and four pages of ex-pat sport.  The last one I saw had an article on a watch salesman with cancer who has been selling watches around Nana Plaza for years.  Glad somebody did a background check on the poor guy.  Sukhumvit Eye is available by post for an annual subscription of 1,000 Baht. You can subscribe on line at Their website also lists where the magazine can be bought individually.


A bar owner has asked me not to say when and where but for those of you who like pubs you'll be able to frequent a new one within a few months.  Here's hoping they have female bartenders.





When I was traveling in Cambodia with a friend of mine he would stop every so often and use some little GPS device, be it the Royal Palace or a very difficult to find temple in the jungle, or a bar, etc.  He says their site is publishing the coordinates so that travelers can find things, especially because there are often no road signs, etc.  He said already there are watches and phones with GPS ability, etc.  Truth to tell, I only somewhat knew what the hell he was talking about because I don't wear a watch and my cellphone is about 8 years old and because I am about 100 years old.  However, I think what he and his website are doing is very interesting and, if you plan on traveling, especially in off-the-beaten-path places, quite useful.  Just check it out here:




I was watching the way folks gave money to the monks in Cambodia.  It was the usual technique as in most of Southeast Asia.  The monks show up and stand in front of the business.  The owner appears and places money in the monks' bag, making sure the monks do not touch the money.  Then the monks chant a prayer, no doubt blessing the giver.  Then they move on.  I remember when traveling in China I was shocked to see monks touching money.  But that is Mahayana Buddhism as opposed to Theravada Buddhism and there are, of course, different customs.



These are some of the nightclubs in Phnom Penh.  Martini's is of course quite famous and is something out of a Fellini film.  The layout is both inside and outside and dark and bizarre and well worth checking out just to see it.  No cameras were allowed past the gate but I did manage to get a shot of the humorous signs.  (Just click on the shot.)  Second from right is of course the FCCC overlooking the river.  Sorry I didn't get any shots of Sharkey's; I was too drunk to remember to take the shot. Also, I was in a very tricky situation.  As you may know, there are many, many Vietnamese young women available in Cambodia as well as Cambodians themselves.  To say that the Cambodians do not like the Vietnamese is an understatement.  So I was sitting at a table at Sharkey's with a Cambodian girl and my friend's 26-year-old nephew was sitting with a half Chinese/half Cambodian girl.  The Cambodians have, of course, been through hell with approximately 1.7 million of them killed during the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge (Kamen Dang) period.  And so they have a complex, especially against the Vietnamese who are now flooding the country. 


So the chick I was with spoke almost no English and was not happy about the fact that the other girl had been out of the country and spoke some English and was able to communicate and have fun with us while she (the Cambodian) sat there kind of sulking.  Eventually, she started saying some things to the Chinese-Cambodian and these two got into such a heated discussion that I asked the Chinese-Cambodian how to say "maibenlai" in Cambodian.  And then just at the worst possible moment in comes the guy's uncle with a good-looking Vietnamese girl and sat down at our table.  I figured all hell was about to break loose.  So the uncle went off with his girl, the nephew with his, leaving me with the Cambodian girl.  I knew if I did not take her back to the hotel, she would in her inferiority complex, assume that I didn't think she was as good as the other two.  So what could I do?  Yes, for the sake of international peace and fellowship, I had to take an attractive, young Cambodian woman back to my hotel room and do the nasty with her.  A tough life but somebody has to live it.  And since I hadn't planned to take anybody back with me, I hadn't taken any Viagra, so I actually had to work at it! 



The above four shots were taken in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.  The girl is one of the bargirls working in the Mosquito Bar on Victory Hill.  The tattoo is on the arm of a guest of the hotel where I stayed.  The restaurant sign says "Deadly Drinks for Mellow Money."  Sihanoukville has Victory Hill, a row of bars, a few good restaurants, and a few places to stay.  Downtown Sihanoukville has not much of all.  The best area to stay is the third area of Sihanoukville, near the beaches.  Although the Ocean Hotel, run by two US ex-Marines, in downtown, is a crazy, bizarre, fun place in which they treat you like family.  Not sure if I could recommend it for couples unless you are the fun type but I had a great time with these guys.  I'll have to write about it one of these days.


For the Thai wife or girlfriend who has everything.




As you know, the governor of New York, super clean Eliot Spitzer, he who cracked down on prostitution rings and just about anything to do with sex, has been involved in a prostitution ring as a customer.  No doubt he will have to step down.  Two questions: Why do men pay thousands of dollars per hour for one of these chicks?  Second, while Muslim fanatics are planning all the time to blow up people and places in the USA, this FBI investigation took a long time and lots of manpower.  What the hell is the FBI doing wasting time and money and manpower on this bullshit?  OK, another question: why do men in power and politics and religion not understand that they cannot have the normal pleasures of life like the rest of us, such as enjoying the company of Entertainment Providers, etc., especially in a puritanical country like the USA?  And did you see the pain on his wife's face as she stood by his side?  And did you see the picture of the woman he was seeing for thousands of dollars an hour?  She wouldn't make the first string of any go go bar in Bangkok.


Oh, goody, here is good news for Jews.  "A leading Israeli rabbi has ruled that the anti-impotency pill Viagra can be taken by Jews on Passover, reversing a previous ban. Viagra had been deemed not kosher since 1998 under strict dietary laws over the week-long Jewish spring holiday. Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu said the pill can be swallowed if it is encased in a special soluble kosher capsule first."  Not being the religious type, it is difficult not to mock this kind of bullshit but the idea that taking Viagra somehow offends some godhead somewhere or might be considered unclean or immoral strikes me as being nutty in the extreme.  Will there be separate rulings for all of the generics for Viagra such as Kamagra and Penagra and God knows what else?  And what about Levitra and Cialis?  I mean, come on, folks, rabbis worried about Viagra and FBI agents investigating hookers?  Is there anybody out there with any goddamn common sense?



One last picture from After Dark Magazine.  This photographer is having fuuun!  Whoever he is, I'm beginning to really hate the son of a bitch.  God only knows how those of you not living in Thailand feel about him.  I'll bet she would cost a lot less than the one Client #9 (Eliot Spitzer) had in Washington's Emperor VIP service.  Click on her picture to enlarge her but don't blame me if you eat your heart out.



In case you missed the news in the paper about 600 Muslims (a so-called Muslims for Peace Group) demonstrated in front of the Danish Embassy here in Bangkok over the cartoon issue.  What the papers didn't mention was that the Danish ambassador went out to them and invited their leaders in for coffee and a discussion of the problem.  The reaction was instant hostility and threats and the Thai police intervened to protect the ambassador.  They told him if you do that again, you are on your own.  When will people learn that there is no "dialogue" possible with Muslim fanatics.  They want you to obey them and if you don't they will be hostile and scream and whine and threaten.  They ask that we don't buy Danish products; please do buy Danish products.

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Khun Nana's Corner

Click to enlarge

Khun Nana is a savvy local expat who keeps in shape by hitting most of the bars of Nana Plaza as often as possible.  From his vast experience, he will enlighten and entertain us with his recollections of the bar scene be they humorous, tragic or somewhere in between.

The world economy seems to be slowing down and the U.S. is especially weak.  The U.S. dollar has recently weakened significantly against the Thai baht.  This has had a major impact on many people including those of us living in Paradise.  Most of my money is invested in the U.S., and many of my mates either have their money there, or are working at a job where they are being paid in dollars.  The British pound has also weakened against the baht recently.  Well, Khun Nana is here to tell you that some major sacrifices are taking place in light of these most sobering recent events. 

Chatting with an American friend over a cold brew at Lucky Luke’s beer bar in Nana Plaza last night reminded me of just how severely some locals are being affected.  My mate Big Earl and I were relaxing, watching the parade of lovelies come and go from their nightly “duties” and enjoying the attention of the gals we had sitting on our respective laps.  Earl began telling me of the many recent sacrifices he has had to make because of his weakened financial position.  Not only is he an American and therefore feeling very poor when cashing in his dollars for baht, but he also retired from a somewhat modest position and really is on a very meager budget to begin with.  I must say I was shocked and horrified by the extreme measures he has had to take in order to live on his recently reduced income.  With a sober expression Earl said “mate, I have had to cut back from 4 full-time girlfriends down to only 3.”  I wasn’t really feeling a lot of sympathy.  After all, Earl is 57 and overweight, and all 4 of his ladies are under 25 and drop dead gorgeous.  He could be doing worse.  However, the tale turned even uglier.  “It’s not just that.  I can survive on 3 ladies for a while since I also short-time a couple newbie’s a week out of the Plaza to break the monotony, and also go to that massage place on Ratchada for a soapy and roll in the hay every week.  The worst part is that I have had to give up my daily 2 hour massage!”   I gasped upon hearing this terrible news.  It’s alright to make certain sacrifices, but a daily massage is a birthright for heaven’s sake.  Earl continued on “well, I didn’t really give up the massage.  I just used to pay double the cost of the massage in order for the gal to come to my room.  Now I have to get dressed and walk all the way around the corner from my apartment and receive my massage at the shop.”  This guy really is hurting.  I offered to buy him a cold beer to help soothe the pain.  “Mate, if things get any worse, I am going to have to make the ULTIMATE sacrifice.”  I cringed upon thinking that he was referring to returning to America to work.  “Yes mate, if push comes to shove I may have to fire my maid and clean my own room!” 

Now I want to say to all my readers and friends across this great planet, no matter how tough life may seem at times, just remember the extreme hardship that my mate Big Earl is suffering through.  My deepest sympathies go out to my mate Big Earl.  Keep your chin up, things can only get better.

I was watching the excellent film “Memoirs of a Geisha” the other day and there was one scene in particular that reminded me so much of the naughty nightlife in Bangkok.  A young girl of perhaps 7 years of age has been given to a Geisha house when her parents are just too poor to feed her.  This takes place in 1930’s Japan but the scene was just so much like one that must play out in Thailand hundreds of times a month, although I would say with somewhat older girls these days.  This girl has no idea why she is there or what she is there to do.  At the moment she is down on her hands and knees and scrubbing the floor and basically working her fingers to the bone like some sort of indentured slave.  She is chatting with a slightly older girl (perhaps 10 years of age) and the older gal says “if you are lucky, when you are older mama will train you to be a Geisha.”  She responds “what does a Geisha do?” without even looking up from her chores.  The older gal says “They drink sake and sleep till noon!”  The little 7 year old lass stops in her tracks and looks up with amazement.  It is such a precious moment.  Of course, in Bangkok bar gals drink whiskey and sleep till 5pm!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK comes from my mate Len who lives in Bangkok but originally hails from Arizona.  “Never in my life have I seen so many guys fall for gals who are transparently predatory.”  Yes, some guys must enjoy the pain.  My mates and I enjoy the nice girls more, but to each his own.

I have another great quote which I heard from a stranger while watching the parade of beauties file into Nana Plaza this week.  When he commented on one gal and I was forced to tell him it was a Katoey (lady boy) he said “any place in my country that guy would be the best looking gal in the room.”

It’s getting hotter and hotter in Bangkok and you know what that means?  It means in a month or so high season will be over and all of us will suddenly become much, much handsomer!  I can’t wait!

Until next time.  Khun Nana

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Did you read about the 50-year-old guy from Dubai who came to Bangkok, checked into a hospital, and got two injections into his manhood to "enlarge" it?  He died from complications.  Moral of the story I guess is to be happy with your willy, regardless of size, and pop a Viagra or two.



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Letters from Readers


Hello Dean Barrett (if that is your real name):  In the past I have referred to you as a publisher's errand boy, a failed penmanship teacher, the little ant that couldn't, a compelling case for writer's block as a good thing, and of course a sipper rather than a drinker.  I now take back four of those five things as a way of saying thank-you from the bottom of my heart for the pictures of Fon.   

She is not a woman but an angel that has been sent down from heaven to give me life.  However, you monster (oh yeah, forgot that one), do you really expect the Mensa quality brainiacs who constitute your readers to believe that she only gave you two pictures?  TWO?  Sweet Jesus on a cracker man how dumb do you think we are?  TWO PICTURES??  I'll bet she gave you a hundred pictures which means we get to stare at two of them, and you have the other ninety-eight pictures under your covers.   

You are sick.  How can you even look at yourself.  You are sick and a monster and one of the other five things above.  Of course the way to inch your way up the spiral of Nirvana would be to send me the other ninety eight pictures.  I enclose my mailing address.  Come on you pencil neck novel writing play thrashing website date challenged (this went up around March the 2nd in Boston) dweeb--do the right thing and send me the other pics of Fon.  A Fan Whose Identity You Will Never Guess



You are right, Dana, I cannot guess your identity, but a letter from you always makes my day (longer).  True, I do have more pictures of Fon and from time to time, once I have finished having my way with them, I shall post them for your enjoyment.  As for the date of the column, when I go up on the 1st here, it should be a day (12 hours) behind in Boston, not ahead.  Could it be that somewhere deep inside your limbic system you are on your own timeframe and that what you believe to be the sustained narrative constituting your own identity is actually a non-sequential distorted version of reality?  Just a thought.  Love & Kisses.




Dean, Hanoi may be rather a backwater for a capital, but thanks to Hanoi Cinematheque, "the best thing in Hanoi" according to one rather long-term visitor, we have it second to none when it comes to availability of the best movies in the world. Today I saw two4-stars, and wanted to see another film later on, but two is a heck of a lot of movies for one day; hence, I bailed after the two 4-stars. You'd think when one had reached my age all the Alfred Hitchcocks had been viewed, but today was my first time viewing Mr Hitchcock's "Foreign Correspondent."

The owner of Hanoi Cinematheque is an American from UpState New York. Hope he sticks around forever. Maybe we both will until the air quality, lack of, brings us down. Lewis Hitchcock


Lewis, thanks for that.  Do they show modern films as well?  I keep hearing what an interesting place Hanoi is and hope to get there one of these days.  If you have information on the bookstores as well let me know about those.  I'm sure Vietnam is just dying to distribute my books such as The Go Go Dancer Who Stole My Viagra.  ;-)




Hi Dean, So much good information to respond to, so little time ...
1) Good info about the farang man-Thai woman breakup issue
2) Do you want to make a guess at whether or not Thaksin will (1) Be convicted of any crimes?, (2) If convicted, pay any fines?, or (3) If convicted, spend time in jail?
3) So, Washington Square has plenty of ladyboys, eh?  (I don't know because I don't spend time there.  And I won't be if that's the case!)
4) What's the Tiger Beer Girl's name?
5) A classic -- "My Mom is sick and the buffalo died, or the buffalo is sick and my Mom died." (Thanks to khun Nana for that.)
6) Another classic -- "“The gals have the home field advantage and many of us don’t even know the rules to this game.” (Thanks again!)
7) Wow, the classics abound! -- "If I want to go to a place where I have to dance drunkenly around in a futile attempt to show a disinterested girl that I'm sexy and available, I can always go back to New York."
8) For those of us not living in Bangkok/Thailand, what are the streets encompassing lower Sukhumvit and upper Sukhumvit?
9) You're right -- Korean women are VERY attractive.  But from my experience, nothing is more important than the almighty won (even compared to women from other countries, from my experience).  And I've had girlfriends from nearly every Asian country.
10) Neither "sussing" nor "shlep" is a word.  But me thinks that if "doable" and other "<verb>-able" words are allowed, then the former two words should be!

Thanks also for the information that the "New Big Mango Bar" will be up and running soon.  Good luck, Nick and Mike!  And as you know, we in Farangland are living vicariously through you!  Now I'm off to find a job in the LOS so that I can vicariously for someone else.  Chok Dee!



Ben, Thanks for yours.  Even thinking about Taksin gives me a headache.  I fear that in order to learn the name of the Tiger beer girl you would have to cross my palm with silver.



Dean, Harvard Sets Women-Only Hours for Gym, Complying With Muslim Students' Request.,2933,334390,00.html  Not only do they get special gym time, they also get prayer rooms and they can reschedule tests around religious holidays.  Thailand is looking better all the time - except for current situations - Thakin returning, drug war resumed, dollar weakening vs the baht, druggings, prices going up, no smoking in bars (sounds like America), bars forced to close on a whim for elections.  Still love it though...  Steve L.



Yeah, Steve, I know.  I think I have lost about 25 percent on the dollar thanks to the dollar's weakening against the baht.  But I too still love the place.  What is happening in Europe and in the US is a creeping Islamization in various areas which comes close to Islamic Sharia law.  But whenever I try to point this out, I am usually told I am an Islamophobe and an alarmist.  Unless the person I am talking to has actually read the Koran and some of the Hadiths, is aware of the real life and cruelty and pedophilia of Mohammad, knows of the bloody history of Islam's expansion, and has read some of what various Muslim groups in the US have to say about how America needs Sharia law and how they are cleverly implementing that on college campuses and elsewhere.  Unfortunately, people who take the time to study what is going on are few and far between. In Greek legend, wasn't it Cassandra who was gifted with prophesy but was also cursed in that no one would believe her?  I'm not a prophet but maybe I should change my name to Cassandra.




Hi Dean, I enjoyed your column, as usual. Your mention of Thai women having "weapons in their purses" reminds me of a 19 year old go go girl in Pattaya that I bar-fined 5 days in a row because she seemed so sweet and was nearly a 10 to me. She was small and only around 5 feet tall. One day she was playfully showed me what was in her purse. One thing in her purse was a folding knife that could have done a lot of damage had she felt threatened or if she became angry. It would not surprise me if many bar girls have similar kinds of protection with them.  J. M.



Hi Dean, I've just recently discovered your site and books, love your style...Having returned from Bangkok in January I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one to have been caught by some of the upstairs bars in Patpong.  Towards the end of my stay I decided to visit the 'unique' Patpong and meeting a friendly guy in the street who offered to show the me the way to a free show, I decided to follow.  At this point all my senses were looking for possible trouble.   

After being lead into the bar, I was joined by two girls and after buying us all a drink proceeded to watch the show.  Five minutes later my 'guide' wanted a tip, I told him to bugger off as I saw the commission he received at the bar after dumping me in the bar.  Several drinks later I decided to leave and asked for the bill, the drinks were a bit expensive, but I didn't mind, what I did mind was the 2,000 Baht charge for the show, PLUS utensils used during the show! 

I dropped the money owed for the drinks, told the staff off and high-tailed it out.  After hearing of some of the things which can happen to farangs in these situations, I considered myself lucky to have left in one piece. Keep up the good work. Chris



PLEASE NOTE I WILL BE TRAVELING AND SO THERE WILL BE NO NEW COLUMN ON 1 APRIL.  SEE YOU AGAIN 15 APRIL (or thereabouts, might be a day or two late due to time difference when returning from the US).






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So enter and win 3,000 baht in food and drink vouchers, second prize is a "I Support Single Moms" T-shirt, courtesy of Peter, PJ and Jason, third prize the usual Nada diddly-squat. As for last column's contest it was of course Livingstone's on Sukhumvit soi 33.  You know, not far from the Dali Bar, the sexy chick who stands out in the little lane trying to coax you to go inside the restaurant?  If you look just behind where she stands and on the right you will see the scene.

This column's prize is worth 3,000 baht in food and drink vouchers.  Just be the first to tell me where the picture of the dancer at right was taken. 


That's all for this fortnightly column.  Drop by again.  Explore the rest of the website.  Meanwhile, as the girls used to tell me during the 1960's: "I no lie you, GI, I love you long time; you number one!"  And, remember: nothing says goodbye like a bullet.  And the more people I meet the more bullets I need.

Dean Barrett can be flamed at:



More News on the "Religion of Peace"




The "Religion of Peace" continues to visit Southern Thailand


2/27/2008 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Muslim gunmen murder a 60-year-old man sitting in this truck.

2/27/2008 (Yala, Thailand) - A local soldier is killed in a bombing ambush by Islamic militants.

2/29/2008 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Two local soldiers are killed in an ambush by Islamic militants.

3/2/2008 Thailand Yala - Islamist shoot a 41-year-old man to death as he is watching television in his home.

3/5/2008 Thailand Pattani - Islamic bomber murder a 47-year-old policeman at a market.

3/7/2008 Thailand Yala - A 55-year-old man and his wife are murdered by Muslim gunmen inside their home.

3/11/2008 Thailand Pattani - A man is shot to death by Islamists while riding in a truck with his wife.




I love it when there is some positive news to write on Islam and, as I hope readers of this column understand, I continuously expose fanatical Islam precisely because I believe that by kowtowing to the fanatics we undercut those genuinely moderate Muslims who are trying to reform their religion.  And they are out there. 

In Pakistan recently scholars denounced those Muslims who use violence and in Turkey scholars are reexamining the Hadith (the most sacred text in Islam after the Koran) and are willing to find faults with it and genuinely reevaluate many aspects of it.  In some Muslim countries that kind of thing can get you killed but I say three cheers for Muslims who stop whining and stop blaming the West for all their problems and take an honest look at the many problems of Islam and even the many faults in the Koran and the many horrible aspects of Mohammad's actions and personality.  If there is any hope of Islam changing and modernizing; if there is any hope that it really, at last, does become a "religion of peace," it lies with these people.

This time the always interesting Pat Condell talks briefly about God:



A News story on the Muslim fanatic in Britain who wanted to kidnap a British soldier and "behead him like a pig."  Now it turns out he was brainwashing his five-year-old son to swear allegiance to Osama Bin Ladin, under threat of a beating.  "His plan had been to burn the kidnapped soldier's body and parade his head on a stick as a warning to other Muslims against joining the British Army."  Click on the box at right to see some of the hatred he was teaching his son.




A senior Church of England bishop who received death threats in the wake of comments he made about Islamic extremists has insisted it is his "duty" to speak out.   The Bishop of Rochester, The Rt Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, was placed under police protection after writing in a national newspaper in January that Islamic extremists are creating "no-go areas" for non-Muslims in Britain.  Writing in the Sunday Telegraph he said communities dominated by radical Islam give a hostile reception to Christians and those from other faiths.  Many people in many countries - women, writers, church officials, journalists, etc. - are now being protected by police from adherents of the "religion of peace" who like to kill those who say things they don't like.



In the picture above, Pakistani fanatics are burning the Danish flag.  The amazing thing about it is the caption by Reuters News Agency which refers to the Pakistani fanatics as "human rights activists."  I do hope the Danes will tell the folks at Reuters to reach down and pull their politically correct heads out of their assholes.




Tehran, 19 Feb. (AKI) - A 70-year-old man has been sentenced by an Iranian judge to four months in jail and 30 lashes for going out on the street with his dog.  The incident took place in Shahr Rey, a suburb of Tehran when the owner of the dog was caught by a police who quickly handcuffed the man. He was later charged by an Islamic judge for "disturbing the public order".  The sentence, seems to want to panic the owners of dogs that despite repeated warnings by the police, continue to defy the authorities by taking their dogs outside their homes.  By the way, Muslim taxi drivers in the United States have repeatedly refused to take blind people with their dogs as well as anyone with liquor.  If we don't fight against this shit, yes it will happen in the States and aspects of Western societies will be under shariah law which in fact is already happening.





Harvard University has moved to make Muslim women more comfortable in the gym by instituting women-only access times six hours a week to accommodate religious customs that make it difficult for some students to work out in the presence of men.   Men have not been allowed to enter the Quadrangle Recreational Athletic Center during certain times since Jan. 28, after members of the Harvard Islamic Society and the Harvard Women's Center petitioned the university for a more comfortable environment for women.  Political correctness like this is ensuring that aspects of Islamic shariah law, such as separating men and women, is winning in many places and in many ways across Europe and in the United States.





Dear Sir, Sajjad Khan Niazi claims that Islam respects the value of other religions and that this can be seen in "Islamic countries where religious minorities enjoy harmony and peace without the fear of humiliation of their religious values."  Apparently, Mr. Niazi is living in a dreamworld.  There is no Muslim country on the planet which gives the same rights to minorities as to Muslims.  Hindus riot in Malaysia as their temples are demolished, churches cannot be built in Saudi Arabia (and no cross of any kind shown), and, as always, in the Middle East, Jews, Coptic Christians and Bahais, etc., are treated unfairly.  Discrimination by Muslims against "infidels" began in the 7th century and continues to this day.  Who does Mr. Niazi think he's fooling?   Dean Barrett





There are even combination locks on the doors to ensure that no infidel can use them.  Talk about Jim Crow laws!  Why does the West allow this kind of shit?!  Hello, Aussies, hello, anybody out there?  Anybody left in Australia with a backbone?



In Sudan Muslims demonstrated against the Danish for reruning the Mohammad cartoons; of course, no Muslim demonstrated against the Muslims involved in the plot to kill one of the cartoonists; which is why the cartoons were reprinted again.  Muslims never criticize other Muslims; only infidels. 



Muslims in Palestine celebrate the murder of eight Jewish seminary students in Israel



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