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Bar, club and restaurant owners who would like to send material on their special events, birthday bashes, anniversary parties, etc., are welcome to do so but please remember men in Thailand are a bit jaded so if you’re just going to offer the usual free gourmet food and free full band entertainment and free beautiful and eager-to-please women, well, the lads have been there, done that. So do try to offer potential patrons something special. ;-)

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A lovely massage parlor girl from Mae Sai.  If Nataree gets any better I may have to move there and take a room.






Aren't these two barmaids lovely and sweet and adorable and sugar and spice and everything nice?  The one on the left has a US Marine boyfriend so I am in the process of hitting on the one on the right.  After all, she could do worse than a three-times-her-age writer, right?  How could she do worse, you ask?  Don't f*&^%$ ask!  And readers with long and drug-free memories may recall last column I had the back of the head of the guy hassling the girl in the right hand picture.  This time he managed to duck out of the shot but I'll get him in the picture sooner or later.















The Midnite Bar on Soi Cowboy has got rid of most of the ladyboys and now has real women and some good Friday night shows, choreographed and in costume.  Shows start about 10:15.  I think there is a show on Saturday also.  But for the you-know-what show, nothing beats Shebas.



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Of course the Hilton Hotel charge for using the internet in the business office was ridiculous so I finally found one on a well-trafficked Shanghai street.  I went up the stairs and told the lady that I needed to use the internet to check my e-mail.  She asked for my passport.  I explained that it was in my hotel room.  She made it clear no tickee no shirtee; no passport; no lookee internet.  I explained that in all the many countries I have traveled I never had to show a passport just to get on the internet.  Needless to say, that made no difference at all.

I don't think I would want to live in Shanghai but it is a fascinating, bustling city to visit.  During the day, I dropped off one of my Chinese-themed plays at a producer's office and that was about the only business I had.  I did visit the library which was interesting but I wouldn't have visited it except that Detective Chen in Qiu Xiaolong's mystery series goes there a lot.  His books, such as the Red Mandarin Dress or Death of a Red Heroine are excellent mysteries set in modern Shanghai as it changes from the communist era under Mao.  Of course, if you have an interest in China as well as mysteries you should also try the Judge Dee series set in the golden age of China's T'ang Dynasty (618 - 907) by the late R.H. van Gulik.


During my five days and nights in Shanghai although I had fun in the bars, and enjoyed listening to a pretty South African singer at the Hilton bar, I never took a woman to bed; this despite streetwalkers, etc.  When you live in Bangkok, you live in Paradise, so there is no pressure.  A man living in Bangkok can travel relaxed, knowing that if he does do anything it is just a nice extra; if not, no problem, Bangkok awaits.  Having said that, should you venture into Craigs List and check out Shanghai and Beijing for their "erotic" columns, I mean, like, wow!  Really cute.  But not cheap.  The fact that just over 30 years ago explicit sex for money would have got one sent to a reeducation came if not killed is always on the back of my mind.  The change in China is amazing.

There is also a lot of counterfeiting going on within China and just about everybody sooner or later ends up with a counterfeit bill.  You can take it to the bank and give it away or just pass it on to somebody who has no machine to check it, as I did to a taxi driver.  It was a 50 yuan note, say about US$7 which Starbucks had passed through a gadget when I tried to give it to them.  When I looked closely in the light I could see the difference; we are NOT talking great counterfeiting, better than the original, as is the case with North Korean counterfeiting of US and other currencies. So I gave it to a taxi driver who looked it over but took it; he will have no trouble passing it on so I don't feel bad. But does this make me guilty of money laundering or something?

To sum up: Five nights in Shanghai was fun, especially Xintiandi, an area of upscale restaurants and pubs set inside old buildings.  If you go, enjoy the tourists places, and, unless you like crowds, do NOT go during any Expos, Olympics, etc.


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Magazine Covers: 1950s and 1960s


As promised last column, here are more great magazine covers from days when men were men and women were still glad of it.  One of the articles asks Is Your Sex Life Abnormal?  No doubt according to the standards of Ophra Winfrey, we are all candidates for sex education clinics at best, incarceration at worst.  Another of the articles says the guy managed to escape from the Whip Goddesses.  The question I would pose is Why Escape when you've never had it so good.  And then there are the stupid Nazis freezing the women in gold (maybe that's how the James Bond series got the idea).  In one cover there is an Arab with a Nazi which is actually historically accurate as during WWII the Muslims overwhelmingly sided with the Nazis as they were killing Jews.  Anyway, click on the covers and see the titles of the great stories you missed.  And, remember, it goes without saying, that I am in no way turned on by this kind of what Ophra would call prurient trash - I do this as purely a service for readers.  Anyway, that is my defense.













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Now we all know the Bangkok Post isn't much of a newspaper.  It got down on its knees to Taksin a few years back, there is no genuine investigative journalism


 allowed, and letters against Islam and fanatical Islamic columnists are seldom printed nor are adherents of other faiths allowed to have their own columns.  I could


 go on.  But the wannabe newspaper has to fill its pages somehow so  why not do it with absolute silliness and clichés about Caucasian men who prefer Asian


 women?  Good idea, thought the cosmopolites at the Post, after all, white heterosexual males are about the last people in the world we can get away with insulting


 without blowback (sorry, CIA term, I meant to say "feedback").   I  don't have the article in front of me but the complaint was from a very Westernized Korean woman


 from Scandinavia or something like that.  In any case, she and her boyfriend now live in Thailand. 


The article/interview was the usual cliched garbage one hears not from real Asian women but from those brought up abroad.  Gadzooks!  There are men out there


 who prefer Asian women!  Isn't that horrible!  Isn't that, well, racist or misogynistic or capitalist or lubricious or something?  Shouldn't that be some kind of felony?


 Shouldn't men who prefer Asian women be forced to endure several sessions of some kind of Ophra Winfrey political correctness classes for wayward males?


 Now I am not going to make fun of this woman.  Well, OK, that's a lie; I am going to make fun of her but especially her Western boyfriend and you will see why.  Here


 is the excerpt from the article:


"I am approached by strangers on an almost daily basis, mainly farang, but some Thais as well. Yes, we are talking about Rice Fever, aka Yellow Fever in less politically correct times. This strange virus seems to strike everywhere in Bangkok in shopping malls, cafes and on buses and trains.

Symptoms of Yellow Fever: The patient lapses into delirium.  I can only agree with that. What else would make a 60-something-year-old man come up to me and even think he has a chance of getting some action.  Although the disease still occurs, it is usually confined to sporadic outbreaks.  True again, since I have only discovered this peculiar behaviour in Thailand...


My boyfriend has his own take: ''It's hard to have an Asian-looking girlfriend in Thailand because most of the guys living in Asia seem to have 'Yellow Fever', so my girlfriend gets hit on a lot. However, sometimes it is very good. When shopping, for example, we pay local rates, and we get better tables at restaurants. But I don't like it when people think of me as just another loser farang with a cute Asian girlfriend.''



You gotta love 'em, right?  But, starting with the boyfriend, you gotta admire his deep concern that people will think of him as "just another loser farang with a cute Asian girlfriend."  So, in other words, he can have an Asian girlfriend (sorry, but I didn't find her "cute" in the picture and am amazed if she is approached at all in the Land of Beautiful Women, but I digress) and that is no problem.  But if you or I have one, well, gosh dang it all, we are just "loser farangs."  What distinguishes this moro- sorry, I mean, young man from us is not quite clear to me - other than the fact that he is obviously a purblind, hypocritical, mongoloid clusterfuck with his head so far up his pussy-whipped, politically correct ass he needs a glass belly button to see out.  I only wish he would sit down with Khun Nana for a few beers; Khun Nana would no doubt help him get his shit together.


But moving on to the complaints of his "cute" Asian chick who causes men like us to lapse into bouts of delirium.   First, let me say I do have a bit of sympathy for her position.  I have had various Asian girlfriends/wives/mistresses/dominatrixes/slaves/concubines/minor wives/fiancees/friends,giks, etc. etc., since college days and believe me that was waaay back when.  Probably during the reign of Rama I.  (When I first came to Thailand the tram was still running and the King's Anthem was played after the movie and the tallest structure in the city was me.)  But I have had them in other countries as well and yes it is possible that men approach them as they certainly approached my beautiful Korean girlfriend in the States.  But mature women know how to deal with it, and for them it is not a big deal.  I will not point the finger at any group except to say that being approached by an obnoxious drunken male or obnoxious gentleman from the subcontinent or the Middle East is not fun for any woman.  Point taken.   I almost never approached strange women to chat, certainly not in the street, or subway, etc.  And I have seen black guys in NY subways take advantage of their race by saying to a black girl, "Hi, sister, how you doing tonight?" or some such.   They were not rude but they were putting the black woman on the spot.  If she doesn't answer she is being stuckup and if she does it may be because she doesn't want to seem stuckup to a black guy.   These guys played the race card against their own race!  Just to increase their odds of getting laid!  Not bad!


The one time I remember approaching a woman I believed to be Chinese was at a book fair where dealers and fans and writers talk to one another anyway.  I was living in the States then and I said something like: "Excuse me, I lived in Hong Kong for 17 years and I'd like to make a stab at your background."  And then I began bullshitting about how I believed her grandmother was most likely from southern China and spoke Taechew (chaochou hua), probably near the Pearl River delta, her grandfather was from Shanghai, probably a businessman, both fled to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-shek in 1948 where your parents were born; and you were born in the States.  How'd I do?"  Needless to say, I was wrong on just about every point, but she laughed and - here is what counts - she felt no threat.  So women do have the right to feel wary about strange men approaching them, especially if the guy doesn't have a funny opening line.  Or if he's not a strikingly handsome son of a bitch like me.


Having said that, sweetie, even at my age I do get action (as you so sweetly and euphemistically refer to doing the nasty).  So don't write us old guys off just because of our age.  I'll match my bedroom techniques against those of your boyfriend anytime.   Don't you know the Chinese master Tung-Hsuan spoke of nine ways of moving the jade stalk and six ways of penetration?  Yes, sweetheart, as in 'pushing the jade stalk down and letting it move to and fro over the lute strings like a saw.'   And if you read the six ways of penetration you are undoubtedly familiar with sex positions such as  'wailing monkey embracing a tree,' 'phoenix sporting in the cinnabar crevice,' 'donkeys in the third moon of spring.'   Now I'm willing to bet dollars to dildos your nerdy boyfriend never tried anything like that with you, did he now?  When it comes to pushing aside the Jade Gate and entering into the Cave of the White Tiger, well, not to seem immodest, but I have yet to be surpassed.  And when it comes to Yellow Fever I am the fucking prototype


As a kid I was crazy about American Indian women and lived in Blackfoot, Idaho.  Those high cheekbones, so high they had icicles on them, the brothel brown skin, the almond eyes, that smoldering glance, that svelte, petite figure, oh yeah.  In cowboy and Indian movies, I always routed for the Indians.  And then I learned about the Bering Strait once having been a land mass so that Mongols, Korean-types, etc., most likely crossed over from Russia to Alaska (yes, that's right, sweetie, the place where the bimbo Palin recently imploded) and on to populate the Americas.  And then when I was eleven years old I saw the Thai women in The Bridge on the River Kwai and that did it for me.  But before you jump to the conclusion that I like passive, obedient Asian women, I would invite you to meet my Cantonese ex-wife.  Or my friend who had a bandaged hand and when I asked why he said "When your Thai wife comes at you with a knife, don't try to stop it by grabbing the blade."


But let us see this subject in a bit of historical perspective.   First of all, in Chinese history, the great first emperor is known as the "Yellow Emperor."  Why?  I haven't the foggiest.  Nor does anyone else.  But I would be willing to bet that it has to do with the fact that he himself was crazy about Asian women.  I mean, they didn't call him the Black or Brown or White emperor, right?  So, in your terms, he had been struck with Yellow Fever


OK, moving up a few millennia,  what did Marco Polo have to say about the Chinese courts that he visited?   Especially the women of Hangchow: 

 “These women are extremely accomplished in the arts of allurement, and readily adapt their conversations to all sorts of persons, insomuch that strangers who have once tasted their attractions, seem to get so bewitched, and are so taken with their blandishments and their fascinating ways that they never can get these out of their heads.” 

Worse yet (or, better yet, depending upon one’s point of view), even the emperors themselves were often much distracted by the beauty of their women.  Again, from Marco in Hangchow:  “The people of this land were anything rather than warriors; all their delight was in women, and naught but women, and so it was above all with the king himself, for he took thought of nothing else but women....”  So, sweetie, if Asian men themselves are so bewitched by Asian women as to neglect the empire, then, if they have their hand in the (fortune) cookie jar, why can't the rest of us?

"Strange virus" indeed, sweetie.  But it has been a virus spreading unabated for millennia and is quite natural.  And, believe it or not, real Asian women are often flattered that farang guys like them.  So try not to come unglued, OK?

I rest my case. 


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Khun Nana's Corner

Khun Nana is a savvy local expat who keeps in shape by hitting most of the bars of Nana Plaza as often as possible.  From his vast experience, he will enlighten and entertain us with his recollections of the bar scene be they humorous, tragic or somewhere in between.


I was chatting with a friend the other day and he happened to mention that he was “dating” a gal who works in a Nana Plaza go-go bar. It is needless to say that one doesn’t “date” such a gal, but merely pays a certain amount of money for a certain amount of time and sex.  So as I was literally standing on his chest and attempting to pound some sense into him, he blurts out some rubbish along the lines of her being different because she has only worked in the bar industry 4 days and therefore he has met her before she has become tainted.  My friend did manage to survive my assault (although it is doubtful he will survive what she will do to him) and the incident reminded me of just how many guys have told me that if you meet a gal early in her “professional” career it increases your chances of finding a somewhat unspoiled gal.  Now that does bring up a rather interesting subject-just what percentage of the negative personality characteristics associated with entertainment providers are acquired after a gal has entered the industry? 

I have given this subject much thought this week, and have arrived at the conclusion that although the vast majority of the gal’s character is set in stone before she arrives in the industry, there are 3 distinct changes that tend to occur in the girl’s life after she begins working as a pro: 

1) For the first time in her life, she is surrounded by peers who are heavily into drugs, alcohol, gambling, scamming and living a totally hedonistic lifestyle.  Ironically, one could probably say the same thing about many westerners who live overseas for the first time. 

2) Her entire concept of money is ruined forever by the reckless and frivolous amounts of cash that are literally thrown in her direction.  Before these gals come to the nightlife jobs they are usually living in a poor rural area where every baht counts.  After just a few weeks (days?) of living and working in the industry money runs through them like beer through a punter with a bad prostate.  One of my best bargirl friends told me that she now views 1,000 baht in the same way that she used to view 100 baht, and 10,000 baht is the equivalent of 1,000 and so on.  This effect of a 10x multiplier happens so fast that it would be nearly impossible to record the actual timeframe. 

3) She now has access to Thai boyfriends.  As hot as these gals look to us, in Thai society they are the bottom of the barrel.  Most have never had a chance to have a Thai man spend time with them in any meaningful way.  With their new found wealth, they can pay the rent, motorcycle and whiskey needs of a low-class Thai boyfriend.  Sadly though, much of the money that they originally thought they would send home to their family is now ending up being spent in order to keep the guy interested in them. 

Bearing all this in mind, does my poor lost friend actually have a better chance with his new found love, knowing that she is new in the industry?  I have repeatedly told him that there are millions of “normal” Thai gals who would love to have a western boyfriend; therefore it is just not necessary to take your chances with a bargirl.  He says that he is looking for the one good gal among the sharks, the proverbial needle in the haystack. My response to him was “why look for a needle in the haystack when there is a huge pile of needles right over there not hidden in a haystack?”

It has been a really miserable slow season this year for the all the tourist-related businesses in Thailand.  With the global economic meltdown, it is certainly understandable that traveling abroad is much less important than taking care of basic needs such as food and housing.  However, with the lack of customers comes many opportunities, and I will continue to say that here has NEVER been a better time to come to Thailand to party and chase women than right now.  Hotels and restaurants are slashing prices, and the gals in the naughty nightlife have never been more willing to “make compromises” if you know what I mean.  So come on over and star in your own sexy movie!

Until next time.  Khun Nana

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2009   05:00 PM - TILL??
SEPTEMBER 20, 2009 12.00 NOON - 10 PM (ALL DAY)




I got a message the other day from a lovely Thai lady; one in which she said she missed my kisses.  So I got out my calculator to see what are the odds of a beautiful young Thai woman with a B.A. missing the kisses of a farang in his sixties.  Zeros fell into place like on a slot machine, then the calculator started smoking, then made a sound which almost seemed like giggling.  Then I shut it down.  I think I need a new calculator.

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Viagra, Levitra & Cialis

Not that any of my readers need concern themselves with the following excerpt from a NY Times article but here is the info anyway.

"Erectile Dysfunction: Will Work for Viagra"

Q. How do erectile dysfunction drugs work?

A. All three of the drugs on the market work to prevent the breakdown of the chemical that causes blood vessels in the penis to dilate. That allows more of the chemical to hang around and build up, so erections are better and last longer. After orgasm, blood vessels actually contract and the erection goes down. For men using these drugs, the refractory period, or bounce-back time — how long it takes before you can have an erection again — is also significantly shorter.

Q. Are there important differences among these drugs?

A. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are each slightly different molecules, with slightly different effects and side effects. Viagra and Levitra usually last four to six hours, for instance, although there’s some evidence that they may last longer than that. Cialis can last as long as 36 hours. So you have a longer window of opportunity. Some men prefer that. Which drug is best? The answer is the one that works for you, with the fewest side effects.

Q. Are there dangers to overusing these drugs?

A. Despite early concerns, there is no evidence of a higher risk of heart attacks or blindness or acute hearing loss. In fact, erectile dysfunction drugs have actually been shown to lower heart attack rates in men taking them on a regular basis. That’s not surprising. Viagra was originally developed to treat angina, chest pain caused by cardiovascular disease. It didn’t prove to be particularly effective, so the study was stopped. But when the researchers asked the volunteers to give back the leftover drugs, they balked. The reason: their erections were so good. By dilating blood vessels, these drugs probably improve blood flow to the heart, which would protect heart muscle.


(Or maybe we can just use what the Muslim terrorists use in southern Thailand:

a mix of cola, kratom leaves and cough medicine.)



"Left one degree."




Dear Sir, Your fascinating editorial "Burmese Junta issues a warning to China" gave a very detailed description of the many strange factions and elements involved along the Burmese sector of the Golden Triangle.  But some of what was described sent me rushing to my bottle of Wild Turkey.  I defy anyone to read your following sentence and not feel as if they have fallen into the rabbit hole in Alice and Wonderland:
"Similar agreements were signed with other groups, including the Shan State Army-North and the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA), a Mong La-based outfit that even had Thai ladyboys performing for Chinese day-trippers to the border casinos."
Ah, yes, Amazing Thailand, Amazing Asia.  And, no, the letter was not published.


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Mojos Girls lookin' hot!


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This is one of the bimbos that Eliot Spitzer paid several thousand dollars for a night.  She now says New York women are after money as opposed to love.  "The average New York woman is no better than a prostitute as she strives to marry a wealthy man."  Good for her honesty.  So now she is being attacked (and in some cases supported) by Western women.  But the amazing thing is the responses of the guys to the article.  One guy says he could look at her picture all day!!  Is he nuts! Am I going blind or is that woman rather manly and unfeminine and unattractive?  Look at the Mojos girls above: which would you rather have, the Thais or the Spitzer chick?  Read about it here:


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Letters from Readers


Hi Dean -

Great story by Leigh about dating services. Now I'll fess up. I worked in a dating service here in the USA, and took people's money to get them dates. Part of my job was to take their pictures, then rate each of them 1-5 on looks and intelligence. I kid you not. I dated a few of the gals too, just to give them a bonus (some of my friends said that word should be spelled "bone us"). Cheers, Geoff




Geoff, You, sir, are a gentleman of the first order!




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"At least one thing seems certain: against people who are ready to die in the cause of destroying freedom, people who are not willing to speak up for freedom for fear of being called a racist or an Islamophobe don't stand much chance of victory."



More News on the "Religion of Peace"


The "Religion of Peace" continues to visit Southern Thailand





2009.08.28 Thailand Pattani - Islamists hurl a grenade at a group of villagers playing an outdoor game, killing a 62-year-old.


2009.09.04    One man has been killed and 31 others injured in two separate bomb attacks, one outside a crowded restaurant, in Pattani's Muang district.  The first explosion took place yesterday morning near a grocery on Na-kue Road, injuring the owner and a one-year-old boy.  About 30 minutes later, a second bomb went off outside a crowded restaurant about 100 metres away from the scene of the first explosion, killing an elderly man and injuring 29 others.   The blast also damaged a passing military Humvee carrying soldiers to the scene of the first bomb attack.


2009.09.06 Thailand Yala    A 61-man is mowed down along with his son and daughter in an automatic weapons attack by Islamic separatists.


2009.09.05 Thailand Yala    A Buddhist rubber tapper is gunned down by Muslim radicals.



2009.09.12 Yala, Thailand - Suspected Islamists slit a teenager's throat, then set fire to his body.


2009.09.13 - Muslims kill 5 paramilitary troopers in ambush in Yala




Over 3,600 Thais including monks and teachers and children have been murdered by Muslims in Southern Thailand and

over 45 Thais have been beheaded including Buddhist monks











Just a few more women (and girls) killed by Muslim men in the West for being too "free"




This man had his nose and ears cut off by Islamic fundamentalists because he dared vote in recent Afghanistan elections.






The Arrogance of Muslims in England


In Dewsbury, imams petition Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust to request nurses to turn beds of sick Muslims to face Mecca five times a day. A Muslim shop assistant at Reading’s Marks & Spencer refuses to touch a book of children’s Bible stories because it is “unclean”. In hospitals around Britain, female Muslim surgeons refuse to follow hygiene guidelines stipulating scrubbing up bare arms (a measure to combat MRSA and Clostridium difficile). In Oxford the imam of the new central mosque is requesting amplified calls to prayer, prompting Christian clergy to predict “white flight” from a city of burgeoning minarets.


Pakistan: “Six Christians Shot Dead by Islamic Militants” after Threats to “Convert to Islam or Die”


Boy attacked by Muslims; New Zealand Police afraid to use the Word "Muslim"


Stop Honorcide!


A Kurdish man killed his German-born wife, who was also his cousin, because she was too independent. He stabbed her in the eyes, beat her with a billiard cue and then ran over her in his car. His mother-in-law had told him to be "strict" with her strong-willed daughter.


USA:  Muslims File Lawsuits to Stifle any Criticism or Investigation of Terrorist Links






Building a Church is a 'Sin' Against God, Says Egyptian Muslim Council



The late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put his finger on the problem when he said: "The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity (Islam), other than concessions and smiles."


Islam's Plans for Great Britain (& Beyond)

Islamic lands that were occupied by the enemies will once again become Islamic...We proclaim that we will conquer Rome, like Constantinople was conquered once, and as it will be conquered again."
- Ali Al-Faqir, the Jordanian Minister for Religious Endowment

Britain, birthplace of parliamentary democracy, has fallen to Islam. Oxford, once home to the likes of C.S. Lewis, now houses a giant Eastern Islamic Studies Center. If this were the only Islamic addition to Oxford, the mood would be less somber, but when Oxford citizens are forced to awake every morning to the Muslim call to prayer with the full consent of the Church of England, nothing short of conquest has taken place.

Britain's Muslim demographic is now so dominant that the British government recently began to allow Islamic civil and religious law, known as Sharia, to be enforced along side British law.   But if religious tolerance is good, why is this a problem? Simple-this is not an issue of religious liberty. Islam is not designed to co-exist with western civilization. It is designed to conquer it.

Most would agree that Judeo-Christian values are consistent with Anglo-American tradition. Can the same be said of Islam? Even Muslims don't think so. The chief Justice of London's Sharia Court made this chilling statement:

If Sharia is implemented then you can turn this country into a haven of peace...Once a thief's hand is cut off, nobody is going to steal. Once an adulterer is stoned, nobody is going to commit this crime at all. This is why we say we want to offer it to British society.


"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog...No stronger retrograde force exists in the world (than Islam)." Winston Churchill


Mohammad Playing with his Six-year-old Bride to Be

The so-called Prophet Muhammad Married a six-year-old named Aisha and had Sex with the girl by the time she was nine (if not before).  Mohammad ordered the death of two poets who mocked him as well as killed many others.  The Koran is full of hate for non-believers which it equates with "evil-doers."  Islam is not a religion: it is a fanatical brotherhood and hate-filled ideology.  The West continues to ignore the fact that Islam is a clear and present danger to anyone who believes in free speech, an independent judiciary, free press, etc., etc.  Self-censorship is now being practiced in Europe and America to appease Muslims.  The more Muslims a country lets in, the more problems it will have.


"All it takes for evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Ibn Warraq:

The cartoons in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten raise the most important question of our times: freedom of expression. Are we in the west going to cave into pressure from societies with a medieval mindset, or are we going to defend our most precious freedom -- freedom of expression, a freedom for which thousands of people sacrificed their lives? A democracy cannot survive long without freedom of expression, the freedom to argue, to dissent, even to insult and offend...Unless, we show some solidarity, unashamed, noisy, public solidarity with the Danish cartoonists, then the forces that are trying to impose on the Free West a totalitarian ideology will have won; the Islamization of Europe will have begun in earnest.

Muslims love 9/11!  For example, 49% of Egyptians blame the Jews.


  • "The sword of Muhammad and the Quran are the most fatal enemies of civilization, liberty, and the truth which the world has yet known." - The eminent orientalist Sir William Muir (1819-1905)


    "All religions take care to silence or to execute those who question them...It has, however, been some time since Judaism and Christianity resorted openly to torture and censorship. Not only did Islam begin by condemning all doubters to eternal fire, but it still claims the right to do so in almost all of its dominions, and still preaches that these same dominions can and must be extended by war." - Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything





    'If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.' - Benjamin Netanyahu




    More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)



    “Religion is an insult to human dignity.  With or without it, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.  But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”        --        by Nobel Laureate physicist Steven Weinberg. 



    —The unbelievers are your inveterate enemy. (4:101)
    —Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. (48:29).
    —It is unlawful for a believer to kill another believer, accidents excepted. (4:92)
    —Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. (5:51)
    —Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme. (8:40)
    —Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme. (2:193)
    —The true believers fight for the cause of God, but the infidels fight for the devil.  (4:76)
    —We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. (3:151)
    —I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers. (8:12)

    —Muhammad said to the Jews: “If you embrace Islam, you will be safe. You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle, and I want to expel you from this land. “
    — Allah’s Apostle said, “You (i.e. Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, ‘O ‘Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.‘ “
    —Mohammed said, “I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, “None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and whoever says, “ None has the right to be worshipped but Allah , his life and property will be saved by me.“ (otherwise it will not). Vol. 4:196
    —Mohammed said, “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him.“ Vol. 9:57
    —Mohammed said, “ No Muslim should be killed for killing a Kafir” (infidel). Vol. 9:50
    —Muhammad said: “Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war, … “. (Sahih Muslim 4294)




    Some books that tell it like it is!




    The Islamization of Europe

    Muslims are rapidly destroying freedom in Europe and have even brought about self-censorship and real censorship in the United States.  But there is one city in Holland where a new reality can be seen with the naked eye, more than anywhere else. Here, entire neighborhoods look as if they have been lifted from the Middle East, here stand the largest mosques in Europe, here parts of sharia law are applied in the courts and theaters, here many of the women go around veiled, here the mayor is a Muslim, the son of an imam.  This city is Rotterdam, Holland's second largest city by population, and the largest port in Europe by cargo volume.  Europeans, especially politicians, will not lift a finger to fight against Islamofascism.  And future generations will pay the price. 


    Please note, I do not and never would advocate violence against individual Muslims in any community.  For one thing, the guy you beat up with a baseball bat may turn out to have just escaped from some horrible Islamic regime.  Individual violence against Muslims or doing damage to mosques, etc., is just stupid and is also counterproductive as Muslim fanatics will show pictures of that all over the Muslim world to incite people against the West. 

    A good case can be made that Islam is a fanatical brotherhood masquerading as a religion, and, indeed, the adherents of Islam often act that way.   But, as individuals, a Muslim neighbor might possibly be more honest than a Christian neighbor.  It is only that the Muslim will have been brought up in a religion/brotherhood with a medieval mindset that is centuries behind the times and has a penchant for violence, especially against those who criticize the Koran and other aspects of Islam.   Winning the war against Muslim fanatics will take a long time and be hard-fought but it can and will be won.  But we must demand that more and more moderate Muslims join the fight against fanatical Muslims.   We must demand that our leaders absolutely reject any "compromise" on our right to free expression.  Compromising with the fanatics pulls the rug out from the Muslim moderates desperately trying to reform and secularize Islam.  And we must never bow to Muslim demands to curb our hard-won freedom of expression.   And freedom of expression always includes satire and even insulting satire including satire of glorified tribal myths called religion. 

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