Okay, now seriously, over a many month period I have been receiving reports about customers being overcharged and harassed in the bars on Soi Cowboy owned by the Iranian known to many as "the Arab."  Some of these reports are from people I know well and some even from men who know some of the girls in these places.  They are reliable.  One report even says the bouncers don't like people taking pictures of the bars even from the middle of the soi.  Furthermore, you should be aware that many of the girls inside these six bars are so-called "coyote dancers" and cannot be barfined.  So, as you did in the West, you can look and buy drinks but not have. If you know a girl inside one of these bars well, she might even take up your order herself and bring the bill herself trying hard not to have it padded by the mama-san.  


There are six of these bars, each with lots of neon and pretty girls outside beckoning innocents inside.  My advice:  Do NOT patronize these bars.  They are: Kiss, Sahara, Spice Girls, Deja Vu, Midnight and Rio.


Typical report:


"Outside Sahara 22.50ish I see late 40's American well dressed, wet from being on the ground, hands up saying, "I'm going..I'm going..." being shoved hard in the chest both hands, repeatedly by Sahara doorman...blatant aggression and provocation. He walked on with me. I told him not to bother going back as he would get hurt. He was sober and told me that he had gone in for a look, and not ordered a drink.... Shark Bar Papa san looked on aghast. Soi Cowboy operators should start to worry.... makes me reluctant to spend anywhere."


And again:


"The two girls I was with decided they wanted to go to Soi Cowboy.  We went to Deja Vu, where their friend works.  Of course, a padded bill.  And get this...the stealing is now policythe excuse last night was after you buy two lady drinks you're required to buy a drink for the "house."  Guess that's the thieves version of Happy two drinks, pay for three. I paid the exact amount of the bill and dragged the girls out, but they kept wanting to argue and I saw security watching us (me) and I knew we needed to just get out of there."

What you do it up to you but I am getting so many reports of bad treatment from these bars that I can only warn punters to take their business elsewhere.