Rants & Fulminations


A few heated, biased, (and quite possibly, self-serving) observations on people and events that piss me off

Unhappy Western Women Some of Whom Should Mind Their Own Damn Business

Twisted Logic: Religious Nutcases Who Should Mind Their Own Damn Business

I Never Pay For It: Brainwashed Western Men

I Confess: I Don't Like Sports

Western Hypocrites: The Dump & Run

Feminazis Posing as Book Reviewers

The Truth about Islam: Questions & Answers

The New McCarthyism - (against men in Asia)

No, damn it, Your Fetish Ain't Necessarily My Fetish!

What Makes Writers Go Nuts?!

Yellow Fever!!

Whose Fantasy is it?

Evil Incarnate

Please Don't Romanticize the Rustics

Bars to avoid on Soi Cowboy


(A New Rant Will Be Posted Whenever Something Or Someone Pisses Me Off)