Fiction: Humor (& Some Non-fiction)


Shootout at the Old Dutch                        by Paul Spurrier


Why I leave Thailand to Get Laid           by Don Ross    (non-fiction but humorous)


From Paul to Paul - Not Again!                by Paul Spurrier


Girl in Club                                               by Cameron Poole


We Regret to Inform You 


The Democratic Republic of Bluggle 


Proof of God's Existence


The Top Dozen Things You'll Miss the Most When You Leave Thailand


Genesis According to Lek


Coming Down


The Making of Thailand: Land of Beautiful Women      (non-fiction but humorous)


Ten Golden Rules of Thai Bargirls    (non-fiction but humorous)     by Khun Nana


Apology to Fox News


The Genius


Why I didn't Get a Tattoo     by  PS


The Ungrateful Girl   by  Emile Janders


Espionage in Beijing


What Are Thailand's Kapoo Clubs?


It's All in the Timing!


And Then the Lights Went Out!


Non-Fiction: Culture/Travel



Bangkok's Amazing Chinatown at lunar New Year - photos Dean Barrett


Children of Thailand by Pairoat Prokkaew


The Simple Art of Murder (in Thailand)  - Writing the Mystery Novel


How to Put up a Spirit House (without offending the spirit)  by Denis Segaller


The Tattooist  by Denis Segaller


Bridge on the River Kwai - photography and text


Cambodia - photography and text


A Visit to a Thai Prison


Chinese Culture - The Last Mandarin: A Scholar in a China that No Longer Exists


An Expatriate in Thailand Reflects  by Mike York


Pattaya: Four Days (and Nights!)


Phaulkon of Siam:  One of Asia's Greatest and most Colorful Adventurers


Luang Prabang, Laos:  Seven Days, Seven Nights - Article and Photographs


Chiang Rai, Thailand: Five Days, Five Nights - Article and Photographs


Ayudhya, Thailand: Four Temples in Four Hours


Vientiane, Laos:  Five Days, Four Nights - Article and Photographs


Saigon, Vietnam:  Seven Days, Six Nights - Article and Photographs


Beijing, China:   Nine Nights, Ten Days - Article and Photographs


Yunnan, China:  Linden Center, outside of the Old Town of Dali - Article and Photographs


Wise Advice:       Paul Spurrier's Wise Advice on Dating Thai Bargirls


Yunnan, China:  Stone Forest & Caves and Waterfalls near Kunming


Thailand: Loha Prasat - An amazing temple complex in Bangkok


Videos on Thailand: Nightlife & Humor & More


The Buddha's Golden Gleam - A short cultural poem with slides on a mysterious event which occurred in a Thai temple.  On YouTube

The Buddha's Golden Gleam - Same as above but on (as YouTube is sometimes banned in Thailand)


Proof of God's Existence - Read on YouTube with slides of Thai women.  This video proves the existence of a loving God!


Silly Old Man - Video: Six minute reading inside the Texas Lone Star Saloon, Bangkok, involving a few of the famed ladies of the Lone Star.  Reading a poem in Bangkok at the Lone Star Saloon has very little in common with reading a poem in a Barnes & Noble in the States, believe me.


Thai Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  - Video & slides: Thai girls dancing by day, by night and also some slides of pretty Thai women.  Warning: Just a bit naughty.


A Walk Down Soi Cowboy - Video: A look at Bangkok's famous Soi Cowboy at night.  Are the Apache Indians moving as the Long Gun girls think or is that just one of the many figments of their fervid imaginations?


Soi Cowboy - Video & slides: Several ladies, several elephants & two poems.  A few nights in the life of one of Bangkok's most famous lanes.


A Horror Show - Video & slides: a Three-minute look at the horrible Phnom Penh, Cambodia toxic garbage dump that the poor pick over every day.


Sexy Coyote Dancers - Video; Soi Thonglor coyote dancers at the SudSoi Club.


Nakorn Phanom - Video of children dancing to honor teachers; and slides of the That Phanom Temple.


Murder on Air! - Dean Barrett is shot by Khun Lek during his Radio Show.


Pattaya Nightlife - A short video and some stills on Pattaya, especially Walking Street.


Bangkok's Awesome Coyote Dancers:  Bangkok's Best!


Amazingly Sexy Thai Coyote Dancers:  Amazing yet again!


Elephants in Bangkok  Elephants in Bangkok Nightlife Areas


Shanghai & Bangkok Ladies:  Musicians and Dancers


Birthday Party - Office Bar and sexy dancers


 Moving to Bangkok: pictures of pretty Thai women while I read a poem.



Eternities Must End: Pictures of yet more pretty Thai women while I read a poem.


St. Moritz Club: Beautiful coyote dancers.


Wild Turkey:  Pictures of pretty Thai women (& two Laotians) while I read the Wild Turkey ballad.


No I am Not in Love with the Maid 

so Put the Knife down Now!   A Poem read while slides of Lovely Thai Women roll by.



Last Night of the Lone Star

The sad closing of Bangkok's famous Texas Lone Star Saloon



Mass Poisoning: The only Mass Poisoning of a Settled Community in History




The Man They called 8-Ball

A ballad from the book The Go Go Dancer who Stole My Viagra now on YouTube





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