Loha Prasat


in the temple named Wat Ratchanadda


Ratchadamnoen Road











I had not been to Wat Ratchanaddaram for decades.  It is near an intersection at Ratchadamnoen Klang Road and Mahachai Road. The temple was constructed in the 1840's in the reigns of Rama III and Rama IV.  The multi-tiered Loha Prasat is what the temple is really famous for.  There were two other loha prasats in the world but both are gone now, leaving this as the only one.  The thirty-seven metal spires are for the thirty-seven virtues leading to Enlightenment.  Loha Prasat translates into something like "metal castle" or "palace" and the structure was designed after the one in Sri Lanka. It is unique and it offers nice views of the city - I could see the temple of the golden mount in one direction and Wat Suthat with the giant swing in the other direction.  Old-timers may recall the old Chalerm Thai movie theater which was nearby and was demolished in 1989.  This is certainly one temple well worth a visit! 


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