"A comical, brutally honest and philosophical account of life in Asia. Barrett writes a very high-minded pulp fiction...The dizzying and frankly heart-wrenching encounters Barrett has when stepping on unknown soil are the backbone of this book. Barrett's prose is balanced, constant and evenhanded. He bears the trademarks of an ethical reporter. He is unblinking in is descriptions of everything, even of himself. There's no soft focus lens in his bag. Though the book never gets pornographic, all of the scenes project clarity of purpose and experience. ..Like a true storyteller Barrett offers wisdom, albeit a truth soaked in beer, driven flatly home. There's always a good chuckle involved.

"What can honestly be said about this book is that it's a lot like a food stall or a side store in a busy Asian market. On the outside it looks like nothing good can come from getting into it. But, throwing a little of your pretensions and your caution to the wind, it's clear you can find something deeply human about the whole thing. Or, at least have a good satay while you're at it." - Douglas Crets, The Asian Review of Books


"The initial offering, The Death of Ron Adams, is a wonderfully crafted and thoroughly believable tale. We have all met a Ron Adams in our lives, and author Barrett shows the expat mind-set with crystal clarity. The following tales were also very good psychological examinations of the expat thinking, and the attractions this country can have for any of excellent and humorous writer..."

- Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail


"The description of Nana Plaza after dark captured its essence. I chuckled at the way a chopper pilot during the war got back at his chickenshit commanding officer. And how the author was conned by a distaff report from Down Under...This books' worth your while."

- Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

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