The New McCarthyism?



(If you are a white, heterosexual male you damn well better read this!)


I've said before that as far as I'm concerned you can hang pedophiles.  But there is a very real danger out there that if you are a white heterosexual male traveling in a place like Cambodia, and especially if you are much older than the (adult) Asian woman you are with, you may be accused of pedophilia.  Especially by female do-gooders - local or foreign - who throw the charge of "pedophile" against any man traveling with a younger Asian woman.  Two New Zealanders were thrown in prison after having been charged with pedophilia by the Cambodian Women's Crisis Center (CWCC).  Part of the PhnomPenh Post report is:


Both Lauwaert and Cleghorn claimed they had been set up by the CWCC, saying the organization had promised the plaintiffs money for their testimony – a charge the CWCC has repeatedly denied.

But at the time of Cleghorn’s arrest, several of his Cambodian neighbours had also petitioned Cambodia’s king, saying that the CWCC has attempted to coerce and bribe them into making false allegations against foreigner men.

Calling the Cambodian prison system a “hellhole,” Cleghorn’s supporters in New Zealand released a statement shortly after Lauwaert’s death dismissing his trial and demanding that he serve his sentence at home...Cleghorn’s case has remained headline news in New Zealand since his trial, and concerns over the proceedings were so acute that the New Zealand government sent an ambassador from Thailand on a special diplomatic mission to help get Cleghorn a second appeal.


Lauwaert, 41, died in a Cambodian prison recently of an apparent stroke (or whatever).  Obviously, we can't be certain of what is true or false in this case but the fact that Cambodian neighbors petitioned the King and claim the CWCC attempted to coerce and bribe them into making false allegations against the two men (rather than take a bribe) is striking.  The reasons such organizations would do this kind of thing is because if they can snare white guys, they get a higher profile and more donations.  And, of course, there are some western women about who piss their pants when they see older western men with younger Asian women and would love to do something - anything! - to stop it.


In addition, you may or may not know of APLE (Action Pour Les Enfants).  This short article is from the Times of India:


KOLKATA: A 30-year-old French national, in the city for a global seminar, tried to commit suicide in a five-star hotel on Friday.

Darnaudet Thierry checked into the hotel on Wednesday evening, two days ahead of the seminar on ‘global humanity’.  He put up a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door and bolted it. After that, Thierry neither stepped out nor took any call.  Initially, none bothered.  But when 24 hours passed without any sign of him, the authorities decided to take a look.  They knocked on his door and then tried calling him up through the intercom.

Hotel employees opened the door and found Thierry unconscious on the floor.  On the bed was a bottle of wine, strips of sleeping pills and a suicide note in English, said DC (detective department) Ajoy Kumar.  "I don’t want to live. My body should be burnt and the ashes thrown into a river," the note said.

Though Thierry is still in ICU, his condition is stable.  Police have informed the French Consulate and asked it to inform Thierry’s relatives in France.



The website has had several comments about this from various people.  Here are a few:


1. when the president of Action pour les Enfants tries to commit suicide, it is not just about anybody. He runs several child protection organisations, among one was called (UNCLE !) and a childrens home in India. His organisation is trying to eradicate pedophelia in Asian Countries like Cambodia and India and who knows where else. His dramatic suicide note suggests, that he could have gotten involved with those he is proclaiming to protect. That would be a plausible reason to commit suicide. Unfortunately the Cambodian Press seems to ignore this fact completely. To them it's a non event. That's why it took 2 Month for the info to arrive here. The link still can be found under google search: thierry darnaudet india.


2. Considering the scams these groups are involved in, it would be good for the human race if more ngo's workers followed his example, but a bit more successfully.


WHY IS NONE OF THE replying to this subject, when they are soo eager to report on almost every white male in cambodia, albeit in their homemade reports and database which must by now have multiple pictures of all caucasian men in cambodia ?

AND NO, this is not to protect a single pedo but the privacy rights of everyone that happens to fall in their path.
AND YES, every pedo has to get the max. sentence that the law provides since the damage done one the soul and well being of a child can never be compensated for.
AND YES, some of the child protection NGO's should start digging in their own backyards. (Maybe that's exactly what Darnaudet did !)


4. last month Thierry Daurnaudet was arrested in Calcutta for badly beating a child in his care. This is not the first child in his homes to be beaten and there are serious questions to be asked as to why anyone can set themselves up as an NGO looking after children, Thierry believes he is doing things the Indian way !!! Malik Kartoon was left black and blue and taken to hospital by his sister Rabia where Drs advised her to seek police involvement. As children of the very poor their voice will not hold the weight that Mr Daurnaudet's will and he is likely to get away with this travesty yet again. He knows he is Guilty.



Friends who have spent time in Cambodia also tell me that drivers, etc., have been told by these do-gooder companies that they will pay them for information about Western men and younger women.  So you see there is a real (financial) incentive for someone to accuse you of being a pedophile.


However, as reported in the Phnom Penh Post, as least some people do see that dangers in what is happening:  "At the heart of the problem, advocates say, is a flawed law that equates all commercial sex work with human trafficking, what Cheryl Overs of the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) calls a “conflation of prostitution and trafficking.”

“It assumes that sex work is inherently degrading and therefore that you cannot consent to it – like you can’t consent to slavery – so all sex workers become victims of trafficking,” she told the Post.

Critics of Cambodia’s “Law on the Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation” said it is so broad and open to interpretation by authorities that even those unwittingly associating with sex workers can be arrested for trafficking."


And, sho nuff, in the eyes of some of these wanna do gooders, if you pay for sex you are exploiting women therefore trafficking.  And that again, in their eyes, is purdy darn close to pedophilia.


Finally, you may recall that Barbara Lee, a Chinese-American woman, working as a do-gooder in Cambodia frowned upon a picture of my goodself with Min and Mot, the lovely twins, who used to work on Sukhumvit soi 33.  Barby is, in my opinion, a typical representative of female do-gooders in Asia as far as their attitude toward white males is concerned.  When I said in one letter that people can hang pedophiles she began her next letter to me with "Dear pedophile."  And there you have it:  The raging hatred they have for white males daring to do anything with young adult women.  (In my case I was simply shooting pool with them at the Londoner pub.)  And, above all, how with alacrity, they will charge us with pedophilia, no matter how inaccurate or false the charge.  In their feverish, bitter little minds we are exploiting Asian women and if so then we are somehow pedophiles to boot.  Here is just a bit of one of her letters:


<<<it is "White men" or "Farang" who have poisoned everything they touch in Southeast Asia. You are one of them and doing your part to make it a better place to be exploited. Keep up with the hellful job!>>>


Hmmm.  I guess it is true we white boys have poisoned everything we touch in Southeast Asia.  But what about the Japanese invasions and cruelty in SE Asia, and their horrible occupation of Korea from 1910 to 1945 (saved by white men and others fighting and dying against the Japanese).  And the 30 million Chinese deaths and suffering of Chinese caused by Mao's insane policies.  And Chinese repression in Tibet?  And the cruelty of the North Korean government and army toward its own people?  And the cruelty of the Burmese government and army?  And...well that obviously doesn't mean much to women like Barbara Lee because in their embittered little minds only white guys poison Southeast Asia; especially white guys who dare to prefer lovely Asian women quite a bit younger than they are.  And, make no mistake, in their minds such a man is a pedophile.


Have you ever noticed that whenever some high profile nutcase pedophile from the West is caught in Bangkok or Cambodia it is discussed in the letters to the editor and in editorials but why does no one discuss the real problem of pedophiles in Asia: that is, the many thousands of girls being molested or in danger of being molested by "Uncle" and even closer family members?  I know of several cases of Thai teenage girls moved because of that kind of situation.  But don't hang by your thumbs until that kind of situation is denounced by the press in Asia.  Once again it is only the white boys who do bad things, right?


And, oh yes, before I forget, two fat white women in Bangkok once called me a "pervert" when they saw me shooting pool with 30-year-old Ammy.  All I did that night was get my butt whipped at the pool table, but apparently my having fun with a beautiful, sexy Thai woman was a bit too much for the farang chicks.  (Maybe I should stop playing pool with women altogether?)  So the message for white guys traveling in Asia is the same as the sergeant on Hill Street Blues used to give his fellow cops when they left for their shift: BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.



2010 UPDATE:



hi dean,  i always enjoy reading your website.  For some time you kept the report of THE TIMES OF INDIA which in July 2007 reported a suicide attempt by french national Thierry Darnaudet, President and Founder of Action pour les Enfants or APLE in Cambodia, India and elsewhere in the world. The orig. Report was erased from the the Times of India archive and the rest of the web for that matter. No trace to be found anymore. Its like it never happened. In many other instances i have found Information that was critical or negative on APLE's Inquisition-like actions here disappearing from the web, completely and without a trace. It appears to me that someone in their org. must use Hacker Tools to sanitize the web, not unlike the US based Scientology Church that also has a history of intimidation, legal harassment etc.


APLE is accused that they deliberately entrap and trick western men into sex with underaged so they can have them arrested and prosecuted, brandmarked as pedophile and destroyed for their rest of their lives. They are not interested to prevent any kind of child abuse. Quite the contrary they are now accused to use underaged that where previously involved in pedophile cases as a bait and lure western men into sexual acts, while they and the police watch it to happen. In the latest case they apparently used an underaged girl that was in the custody of another NGO Shelter and used her as bait for a french guy as in the Phnom Penh Post report of May 10.




APLE not beeing short of cash, legal advisers etc. immediately fought back with a defamation complaint to the Authorities.


Since 2004 APLE has created an atmosphere in Cambodia that reminds one of the darkest Inquisition Ages in Europe. No one trusts each other anymore. Every white male is regarded as a potential pedophile and even among the expat community there is a high level of distrust, snitching and false accusation. You don't want to be married to a Cambodian women and have a child here.  What's worse is the fact, that with all the media brainwashing initiated by the child protection industry here, Tourists from western countries have joined in and there is not a moment when you are not photographed being in company or not.


It's all about Donor Funds, Tea money, etc. Nothing is really about child protection. It's sickening. 

Here is a good example of a case from a few years ago that was setting a de facto standard of the NGO's here.

check out:

someone who has analyzed the current situation of Witchhunt against Men is:

he had a section in the past regarding other countries than britain. that incl. cambodia and his findings where unbelievable. get in touch with this guy who won himself several awards.

the NGOs official pages and rantings can be found under:

don't forget to click for English in the upper right hand corner

If you like, you can also contact the  to find out more about Thierry Darnaudet's suicide attempt in July 2007.

As of yesterday the website that published some of the current findings is unavailable. Any questions ?

I guess you want to beef up the firewalls of your website . If you mention anything that they don't like they will try to shoot you off the net.

PS: If the above wouldn't be reality it would give a good story for a novel.


greetings,  Peter Allmann, Takeo province




Many thanks for your information.  You are right, the first article seems to have been removed already.  I found a relevant article here:





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