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There are now more websites on Thailand than you can shake a swizzle stick at but, fortunately, there are quite a few well worth visiting. There are also blogs and diaries added to photo essays and journals added to Asian sites and X-rated gobbledygook and God-knows-what. To make it a bit easier for you to separate the wheat from the chaff, here is a look at some of the top sites. More will no doubt be added from time to time but some of the oldest are still the best. 


Nanaplaza.com – the Granddaddy of the sites and still going strong. Host: Marcel AKA Khun Sanuk. The original site, Sanuk – Fun in Thailand, went online in September 1996 and was to the best of anyone’s beer-clogged knowledge the first site dealing with Thai nightlife. It slowly grew like a Viagra-enhanced erection until a message board was added in April, 1998, which greatly increased its popularity. In February of 2000 the site went pay and got its current name: Nanaplaza.com.

The main goal of the site is to inform and entertain newbies and regulars alike about the Thai nightlife scene. To this end the site contains detailed information about where to go and what to do. There is also lots and lots of background information in the form of in-depth articles, monthly columns, stories and trip reports. Not only was Nanaplaza.com the first Thai nightlife site, it is also still the biggest and most comprehensive, making it well worth the small fee being charged for it.

Nanapong.com. Hosts: Farangman and other nefarious characters. Nanapong began as an idea during a none-too-sober discussion involving five characters who much loved Thailand nightlife. They decided they wanted not simply to report on the nightlife scene in Thailand but to get involved in it and make it more creative. So, before you can say “I love dance contests” five times fast, Nanapong.com was born. Early pioneers were Stef, Soi Angel, Farangman and others. Compared to those hosting other sites, the boys at Nanapong work a lot closer with the bars and the dancers themselves, hence, the glorious but now toned-down dance contests and all the other Nanapong parties that people enjoy attending came into being. Stef always said “If you are bored with the scene in this town then you are bored with living.” The boys at Nanapong take special pleasure in seeing the looks on the faces of locals who say how jaded they are with the bar scene having the time of their lives at dance contests. Contests involve dancers of several bars in Bangkok and Pattaya competing with one another to win individual money and undying glory for the bar they represent.  Unfortunately, not nearly as active as they once were.

No one knows the future regarding the occasional crackdown on nightlife in Bangkok and how many more dance contests there will be but you can look to Nanapong to always seek out new adventures for what Bernard Trink always called “punters.” (inactive)

Stickmanbangkok.com. Stickman’s Guide to Bangkok was started in late 1998 when a young Kiwi fellow felt the urge to create a website to tell his friends back home about his life in Thailand. As the site started to grow in size, so too it grew in popularity until about a year or so later when this young Kiwi, whose mama didn’t raise no fool, realized that he might be on to something. In the beginning, the site began as a small site with three smallish sections on the Bangkok expatriate lifestyle, English teaching, and, of course, nightlife. It has now grown into a sizeable site with several other sections including a popular weekly column. Stickman says the site is free and, come hell or high watered-down drinks, it will remain that way. Surely, the most popular Bangkok nightlife site of them all!


Dave The Rave has launched back into Cyberspace with his very own website which includes a weekly nightlife newsletter entitled "Night Fever".  This section does include some images in with the informative and entertaining text.  With Dave being based in Angelwitch in Nana Plaza, he has a unique viewpoint from the inside looking out.  This has become a welcome addition to the online nightlife scene and I'm sure it will become very popular.

Idontgiveahoot.net. Old newspaper columnists don’t fade away, they just take their column to the internet. And when the popular columnist “Night Owl” Bernard Trink was outed, sorry, I mean ousted, at the Bangkok Post he began a weekly column on-line which charges the not unfair price of US$12 a year. The legendary Trink began his column in the Bangkok World before lots of you were born, complete with pictures of go go dancers and recommendations of which massage parlor girl did what and how well she did it. Alas, the politically correct, the thought police and word police and the feminazis wiped Bernie’s column away although he still does book reviews for the Post. Despite the move, his column has changed little and he still offers his eccentric opinions and the occasional Burma Shave sign. In 2000, a biography of Trink was published by Post books, But, I don’t give a hoot! It was written by the late Jennifer Bliss.  (This site has been suspended.)

http://www.BangkokAtoZ.com. This is written by a long-time resident of Thailand or, more accurately, of Washington Square where he is usually found, Kurt Francis. Kurt makes his rounds of the bars of the Square and also Soi Cowboy and occasionally elsewhere but he is what is known as a Squaronian, one who specializes in the bars and restaurants of that area and of course the Queen’s Plaza bars across the road. Just as the girls working in the Renoir and the Londoner can tell you if Al Eberhardt has been in (Just ask for “Al”), so too can the girls working in the bars of Washington Square and vicinity tell you if Khun Kurt has been around yet.  (Alas, Khun Kurt passed away about the same time as
Washington Square bars were torn down.)

BaronBonk.com  Baron Bonk began as a lighthearted look at Thailand's bars and nightlife through the eyes of Baron Bonk, the hash name of Sir Peter Moon. Peter was forced to flee England when the tabloid press decided to publicize the twists and turns of his divorces. Unfortunately, they were only interested in one side: and it was not Peter's. So labeled a cad and womanizer back home Peter took the logical course and went somewhere were being a cad and womanizer were almost obligatory, namely, Thailand.

After a few early articles, “cading” and womanizing did not leave him enough time to write, so Sam Worthington, who was running the site, became the mouthpiece. Sam is still the main writer although there are other contributors including Nightmarch in Pattaya and Prowler in Patong. Not everything is published on the site, and the mainstay of the fortnightly emailing, Scuttlebutt, is only sent to those who subscribe (free) for the email only Asiabugle.  Baronbonk.com/asiabugle covers most of Thailand and has articles relating to Burma, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Philippines and Singapore.

Baron Bonk is essentially a review site, with fortnightly articles on nightlife and bars. It may be an overview of an area, or an opinion piece on what is going on. “Scuttlebutt” is a round up of rumors heard, stories told and what is happening.

Baron Bonk is nothing if not frank and outspoken: "I make no apologies for not being Politically Correct. If I wanted to believe in that I would be in England. But I like to call a pointed trenching tool a spade, believe women should be pampered and not heard and that foxes were built for hunting.” (Now once a month)

http://www.Bangkokeyes.com  This site is run by Will Morledge and others.  A new column appears once a month.  Bangkok Eyes is a source for those interested in Thailand's N
   *Eyes logo* inspired
   by Peter O'Donnell's
   'Modesty Blaise', as
   originally rendered
   by Romero.
				   ight Entertainment Scene and often approaches the subject from an historical perspective.  The column page is also the opening page and although a bit slow to load (if one is on dial-up) that is because there is always some interesting photographs on the page.  Lots of them.

http://www.DirectoryBangkok.com.  This is a resource web directory of Bangkok with links to useful sites including contents about Bangkok business, Bangkok guest houses and travel agents.  Plus a bit more.

http://www.Thailandstories.com  is a free website devoted to presenting quality stories and articles of interest to those who are fascinated by and attracted to Thailand. Those with an interest in Thailand will find plenty to read there, and they are invited to browse through the categories and read anything of interest. Right now there are nearly 300 stories and articles on their site and it is growing rapidly. Thailandstories.com accepts submissions of non-fiction, fiction, articles on Thailand and even some poetry. The submissions are nicely presented and the site is professionally done and easy to navigate. If you have stories or articles about Thailand this is the place to showcase your writing.

Got Bangkok - http://www.gotbangkok.com A good site for reviews of restaurants, bars, etc.

http://www.thaiwebsites.com/  Description: Web directory with search function for English-language websites about Thailand.  This is an excellent site in which to find everything from Thailand bar sites to hotel sites.

http://www.thai-directory.com/.  This is an online Thai directory which contains links about Thailand, lots of links.  Not specifically related to nightlife but I like some of the information such as that I get when I click on any province of Thailand.

http://www.atbkk.com.  Another good directory-type site with lots of links on lots of subjects.

And don't forget some of the other interesting sites on Thailand including:

www.pattayapeople.com  Are you tired of missing all the action in Pattaya?  The drunk farangs, the brawls, the murders, the jumping off balcony stuff?  Miss it no more.  This is the Pattaya People site that gives you all you would care to know about the town and especially its seedy underbelly (which the Bangkok Post seems not to notice). 

http://www.bangkokscams.com/  Who is ripping you off.  And why!

http://www.2bkk.com Bangkok links to everything from hotels and restaurants to spas.

http://www.BarThailand.com This site reviews bars visited by the owner of the site. This includes pictures and discussion of the bars in Bangkok and Pattaya with must-sees for each place. The site also has a forum which discusses some bars and books for purchase in order for you to get a feel for your visit to Thailand.

http://www.philipwilliams.freeservers.com (Bangkok Mouth)

Phuket Personals and Nightlife Guide: Find REAL Phuket men and women personals plus Phuket nightlife news and video updates. This site has quite a bit of information from maps and hotels to new restaurants and is updated weekly:




There are also more blogs on Thailand than there are Entertainment Providers in Pattaya.  Here is one of the more interesting ones.  I'll add more later.

Url – http://www.mytitblog.com
Name – This is Thailand
Description - The daily experiences and frustrations of an American living in Thailand.

Also, Richard Ehrlich, correspondent, photographer and one of the authors of Hello, My Big Big Honey has an interesting site:www.geocities.com/asia_correspondent

Learn more about the Bangkok School of fiction by checking out ThaiOasis.com.

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