"This complex thriller could only come from Barrett, a renowned writer in Asia for more than 30 years." -  New Jersey Star Ledger



"Don't miss this suspense mystery.  Fabulous read."  Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail



"Literary entertainment is guaranteed."  Bernard Trink  Bangkok Post



"An exciting and fun read - Not to be missed!"  Midwest Book Review



"A rip-roaring read from Asia's master storyteller!" Stephen Leather, Private Dancer


"Action-packed, superbly plotted and beautifully written.  I loved it!" - Harold Stephens, Tales from the Pacific Rim



"A fast-paced, high-adventure novel with constant intrigue and twists throughout; definitely well-worth reading for everyone." 

- Teri Davis,



"Barrett's amalgamation of the military, intelligence, and go-go worlds is always fascinating, and there's not a boring page in the book." -







Scott Sterling is an American detective, ex-CIA Beijing and Bangkok, living over one of the bars in Bangkok frequented by American vets of various wars. 

An American woman shows up at the bar; a woman who believes her father, a special forces team leader on highly classified missions into Laos, was murdered by a Thai woman in the early 70ís, and she wishes to clear his name and bring the Thai woman to justice. Scott reluctantly takes on the case and agrees to search for the woman not knowing he is being set up. 

The special forces team members have their own reasons for stopping Scott's investigation, and when Scott gets too close to the truth, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a decades-old vendetta, unable to trust anyone, and in the sights of a highly trained hunter-killer.