Proof of God's Existence!


When you actually stop to think about it, it's something close to a miracle.  I mean the way everything came together just at the right time.  Take, for example, these poor little brown-skinned beauties farming the rice fields in the impoverished northeast section of the country.  They had no hope of ever getting their family out of debt, and the local lad they married would probably piss away what money they had on gambling and presents for other women.  And if she got pregnant, he might just find himself another village to cavort in.  Most Thai men aren't particularly interested in marrying divorced women, especially divorced women with a kid or two.  And in Thailand you can forget about alimony and support.  And Thais love lighter skin but look down on brown and dark brown skin as it suggests someone who has to labor in the sun for a living.  So this woman would most likely have to gravitate to Bangkok and work in a factory somewhere, leaving the kids with their grandparents up in the northeast.

And then you take another piece of the jigsaw puzzle: the older, divorced guy in a Western Country whose just lost his house and lots of money to his ex-wife in the divorce settlement.  He's too old for singles bars and younger women aren't interested in him.  He faces a life of loneliness and despair.

But God obviously felt sorry for these two groups of people so he introduced the third piece of the puzzle: the internet.  The older, divorced Western guy sees pictures of beautiful young Thai women who are looking for older Western guys.  And whereas Thai men look down on dark skin, these Western guys think its beautiful.  And pretty soon girls were showing up back in their villages draped in gold chains and lovely clothes and telling tales of foreign men and foreign lands where there was something called alimony and support.  And how well most of these men treated their women.  And so it began.

Everything was set to go, it seemed, God had seen to it that Thai rice farmers with lovely smiles and dark brown skin and attitudes would be very attractive to foreign men; the men and their attitude and incomes would be very attractive to the Thai women.  And the two of them could communicate through the internet and eventually the Western man would visit Thailand and meet his lovely. 

Ah, but God had one further ace up his sleeve:  As the men were older he had to provide a way for them to please their women as best they could.  And so it came to pass at Pfizer Chemical in Groton, Connecticut, that Viagra would be discovered.  God said: Let their be erections!  And so it was.  And so the puzzle was complete: Internet provides communication between Thai village girl and overseas man; selfless, warmhearted Thai bar owner in Bangkok encouraged by selfless, warmhearted police officials opens go go bar; Thai village girl travels to Bangkok to become go go dancer; Western man travels to Thailand and enters bar to meet the go go dancer;  Viagra allows them to consummate their love.  How, in the light of the above, could anyone deny the existence of a loving God?


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