Victoria's Secret!

No, Damn It, Your Fetish Ain't Necessarily My Fetish!

For some unknown reason, guys who are into Thai ladyboys like to say things like "Don't pretend you're not turned on by them," etc., etc.  Whether they feel the need to aggressively defend themselves out of shame or guilt or whatever, I wouldn't know.  If I liked going to bed with ladyboys, I would not have shame or guilt because I would figure that is my business.  But I don't.  And it pisses me off every time I hear a guy or (as I did recently) see the claim on a website or in a forum on Thailand that all guys are turned on by ladyboys but are simply afraid to admit it. 

If they would say, "you have to admit some of them are (with the help of makeup, operations, etc.) quite beautiful and it is amazing how feminine they look," that is fine.  But when guys into ladyboys tell us we are all turned on by ladyboys and simply too embarrassed to admit it, that kind of smug arrogance and benighted stupidity pisses me off.  It reminds me of when I lived in Manhattan, seeing T-shirts on transvestites and transsexuals with slogans about how "she" is what we all want to be, or some nonsense like that.

I happen to think petite Asian women look both cute and erotic in black leather and boots and carrying a whip or some such.  But I do not suggest that my fetish (if fetish it be) is universal and that that is what all men secretly like.  I don't say to people who have never fooled around with a dominatrix that I am secure in who I am and can have fun playing power-exchange games for an hour or so, but you are such wimps in real life you are afraid to so the same. 

So I would really appreciate it if those who are into ladyboys would stop trying to defend their choice of bed partners by pretending that we all want to wake up in the morning next to a guy with smeared makeup, silicone chest, and a dick.  We don't.  As hard (no pun intended) as it may be for these guys to understand, not all of us see that as a positive in any way.  In fact, there are those who see that as outright homosexuality.  Yes, it is possible to appreciate the skill of what makeup, clothes and attitude can do (for women as well as) for ladyboys; but that doesn't mean we are therefore attracted to them. 

And it should be possible to complain about ladyboys working in supposedly hetero go go bars or to complain about the pathetic ladyboy thieves on lower Sukhumvit without some fool suggesting we are unsure of our manhood.  So be cool, do your thing, and stop babbling about how everybody is into your particular fetish but afraid to admit it.  As granny used to say, the cows may come and the cows may go but the bull goes on forever.

This one's Real!