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 Thailand Nightlife Roundup & Contest

         & Khun Nana's Column

(New Column Every Month ended in June 2011; see you on Facebook)


A Satire on Thailand: What happens when a spaceman from another planet crashes in Northeast Thailand?  Argaiv's Diary

(And if you haven't noticed that Argaiv is Viagra spelled backward get your dumb ass off my site)


Thailand Through the Looking Glass (Rants & Opinions)

(updated whenever somebody pisses me off)



Thailand Nightlife Glossary 



Photographing Asia: A Photographer's Notebook


In Bad Taste - Notorious Interviews:

Notorious interview with Dean Barrett in Pulse magazine

Notorious interview with Dean Barrett in The Big Chilli

Compass Magazine - short article: Compass Magazine


Books on Thailand (and China) you should read

(because I wrote them and the rent is due)


Bookstores in Thailand & Beyond

The book scene in Asia. For those who love books



Articles, Stories & Videos on Thailand

Humorous, sexy, erotic, sensual or maybe a dash of each



Websites on Thailand (or)

Is Stickman actually Bernard Trink in disguise?


Old Time radio programs for mystery fans

Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade, Dragnet, Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes


Special Message

For those who dislike go go bars, beer bars, and older foreign men with younger Thai women



My Encounter with An Asian Dominatrix

Anyway, I survived it relatively unscathed



Need a laugh?  Try listening to

this four-minute tape of

A Bargirl's Revenge



Farewell to Washington Square




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